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    Tryed with last version of tools and player, but the problem remain.
    Os Windows 10 virtualizated system Windows 7.

    HP Envy and NVidia Geforce.


    After upgrade the virtual machines are functioning correct but not the mouse on external screen.
    If you move the mouse or click on icons is functioning, double click on icons run the programs correctly.

    But menu click don't open it, click on cross to close a windows also, right click on menu don't function.
    Using only keyboard no problems.


    If the same window is moved on the screen of PC all return functioning correctly.
    I hade try also to use secondary screen as primary, but the problem is the same.

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    I am using VMware Workstation 12 Player (with host = Windows 8.1, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3632QM CPU @ 2.20GHz, 64-bit o.s., RAM = 8 GB) (and guest = Ubuntu 14.04-LTS).

    When I try to run a (particularly big) program written in Fortran (which would require 13-14 hours as I estimated), at the very beginning (when some matrices are built) the message "Killed" appears, and the program stops.

    What is the problem here?

    I think it should not be a problem of memory size because I have 23.5 GB used and 22.5 GB free.

    Maybe is it the small RAM?

    I've also tried to set the memory of the Virtual Machine to the maximum (see the image), but nothing.



    Thank you in advance,





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    As of today I am not able to power on my VM. I use Moka5 but am not sure if this has anything to do with the issue. My virtual disk file(s) appear to be missing. When Player launches the VM it gives me the error: Error while powering on: The file specified is not a virtual disk. I've attached the VMX, VMDK descriptor, and VMware.log files for reference. Anybody know what I can do to resolve?

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    В общем не могу понять причину по которой виртуальные машины выключаются очень долго. Сам Player закрывается секунд за 10-15 (suspend делаю для ВМ) но потом VMWARE запускает системный процесс и загружает диск полностью минут на 10-15. Проблема в том что в это время если ВМ на диске с ОС, то ОС наглухо виснет + если попытаться выключить ПК, то логаут из ОС выполнится,  но ПК все равно будет эти 10-15 минут шуршать дисками.

    Образ ВМ ~60 Гб, при этом вообще не важно какие изменения делались в ВМ, хоть ты ее запустил и через 10 сек выключил - все равно 10 минут что-то записывается потом на диск.

    Что делать? Нет сил терпеть больше. Нутром чую что-то не так тут.

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    I am running Win XP Pro guest on a Win 10 Host.  All host printers (and everything else) works fine on version 12.1.1 build-3770994. After upgrade to 12.5.0 all the virtual printers disappeared.  I have tried everything I can think of including removing and reinstalling the software and generating a new virtual machine, but the printers stay gone. When I restore Vmware from a backup to the 12.1.1 version, it works fine again. Am I locked into using v.12.1.1 forever?

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    Hi !

    i am using Vmware from a long time without having any problems , but when i log to my Linux Virtual Machine i had a network problem

    i 'm using bridge network like always , but now he is not working any more , and i don't  know what the problem is

    i don t mess with the settings Capture.PNG

    Sorry for my bad english and thanks for help ..

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    English see below:

    Habe VMware Workstation 12 Player auf Windows 7 pro 64Bit. Im Player kann man Shared Folders einrichten mit denen man Zugriff zu Dateien auf dem Host hat. Kann man aber auch Shared Folders auf dem host einrichten mit denen man Zugriff zu Dateien auf der VM hat und wenn ja, wie?

    I have a VMware Workstation 12 Player on Windows 7 pro 64Bit. The player provides the setup of Shared Folders which allow access to folders on the host. Is it possible to setup also on the host (W7pro 64bit) Shared Folders which allow access to folders on the VM, and if yes, how?

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    If the audio device/s change while a VM is running, the VM will not automatically switch to the default device, nor does it update the list of available audio devices, effectively disabling all audio completely until the next player restart.

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    Not sure what happened, but I created a Windows Server 2008R2 virtual machine on the hard drive of my workstation.  It runs fine, no problems at all, until I copy to a USB drive to take to school with me.  When I try to start the VM from the USB it goes normal and gets past the Windows splash screen, then it just hangs at the black screen.


    I get no error messages and the VM will shutdown fine.  I'm using VM Player 12 and the Enterprise version of Server 2008.


    Thanks for any help on this, I'm pulling my hair out trying to finish homework...

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    CentOS under Workstation player VM has worked for years until latest Windows 10 update.  Is this a coincidence?

    when I ping I get a 'Destination Host Unreachable' error

    or if I try and access as usual via Chrome under Windows 10 I get 'This site cannot be reached'  

    Any insight gratefully recieved.



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    My host computer just updated, it is a Windows 10 Pro machine that has been working great, and VMWare tools stopped working on my VM, so no network connectivity, sound, etc.


    My Windows version is: 1607, OS build 14393.187

    My Workstation 12 player version is: 12.5.0 build 4352439


    Any solution would be appreciated, thank you.

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    i have a problem with windows 10 in a virtual machine. the fonts are blurry.

    windows 7 and linux do not have that problem.


    turned display scaling on and off. turned clear type on and off.

    any ideas?




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    Ever since I upgraded to the latest version of VMWare Workstation, I have to select "suspend" twice to pause my virtual machine (Windows Server 2008).


    Anyone experienced this issue?


    Thanks in advance,



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    I am running an Ubuntu machine on a windows host using VMWare Workstation 12 player. I cannot fully maximize the screen; if I maximize it or go into full screen mode, the VM screen stays the same size but has a black boarder round the edge (as seen in the attached image). I never used to have this issue and the only thing I think I have changed is the shared files between the VM and host. Does anyone know what could be causing this and how to fix it?


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    I'm on Kubuntu 4.4.0-38-generic.

    I downloaded VMware Workstation Player.

    I don't have a proxy, VPN or anything, it's flat connection that works perfectly on anything, except your software.

    Guest OS is Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64.

    After successful installation I clicked on "Virtual Machine > Install VMware Tools".

    It told me that my VMware Tools was outdated and is it time to update to "VMware Tools for Windows 2000 and later 10.0.10".

    But it does not connect it gets stuck on this only screen, this is the only thing I see:

    It hasn't changed this year. So what do I do to get this to work?

    I have manually downloaded "VMware-Player-12.5.0-4352439.x86_64.bundle.tar" from your servers.

    Is it possible to install it, and will it be sufficient for all the latest features in your player?

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    Hi; I am running Windows 7, 64 Bit OS. I am experiencing the following error message: "Error while powering on: The operation was canceled by the user" when I attempt to power up my VMWare Player from a "Suspended" state. It works fine until then.



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    I'm new to this, so I have several questions.


    I am trying out Workstation Player. I have it installed on Windows 10 x64 (32GB ram). I purchased a separate external hard drive (1TB) and Windows 7 Pro OEM x64. According to Microsoft, it is permitted to install this on a Virtual Machine as long as each instance has it's own copy of Windows. I am only using a single instance, so this is good for me.


    My main questions for the above use are as follows. If I install in Workstation Player, do I now have a separate Virtual Computer that is not tied to Windows 10? In other words, is the answer that simple? There are no ties between the host and the guest except if they are on the same network?

    Can I take my hard drive and for example take it to another computer (Even Linux) and can I use my Virtual Machine the same way?

    If the other computer has less available ram and I have to lower the amount given to my Virtual Machine, in my past experience with Windows (regular install on computer), if the hardware changes, it sometimes requires reactivation. Will this set off an activation issue for me? Should I, never change the amount of ram, once setup?


    This might be a silly question - I use Visual Studio. Is this and most other software like it completely compatible?


    Most important - Is there a driver pack of some type that I need to download? I would like to use Windows 7 Pro and have things like DirectX and OpenGL available. Those are of the utmost importance to me.


    Are there any other considerations that I should make before beginning an installation?


    Thank you, Krisztian

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    On the search for a hidden bug related with an other program I decided to uninstall my 2 versions of the Windows XP Mode on W7 pro x64; i.e the "independent" (non-VMware) and the Workstation 12 Player also with the XP Mode. Both VMs did before work normal. Because these VMs may possibly have had some relation with a bug in an other program I decided to remove them again for verifying it. The uninstall was started "as usual": Start -> Control Panels -> Programs. I do not remember but at some state I had also to use this Microsoft Fix-it-tool. The tool confirmed that the programs have been successfully removed and they  are no longer listed under "Porgrams". The VMs have however not been completely removed. The folders VMware and its sub-folder VMware Player are still there with their contents. Starting the player shows the XP Mode; clicking on it produces however an internal error. The "independent" (non-VMware) XP Mode produces also an error asking for a new configuration file. Assuming that it would possibly be best to first completely remove the 2 VMs and install them afterwards completely new I tried to manually delete all of them which are in a folder under "Virtual Machines" but I was not granted permission, even being "owner" and "administrator". Any suggestions on how to obtain again "clean" Windows XP on the VMware Player? Thanks in advance for helpful suggestions.

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  • 10/04/16--22:58: connecting physical laptops
  • Guys,


    Is it possible, to connect virtual machines installed in vmware player from different physical amchines?


    laptop A, a HP, has 2 vm's installed in vmwareplayer

    Laptop B, a Lenovo, has 3 vm's installed in vmware player.

    Can i connect these 5 vm's as if they are in the same subnet?

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    From the Windows host operating system (VM Workstation 12 Player), I've expanded the virtual disk of a linux vm from 20GB to 40GB, but I don't know how to repartition/expand the drive from within the vm (debian) in order to use it!

    I don't have any room left to install utilities in the vm,

      /dev/sda1 ext4 19620732 18419436 181548 100% / 

    so wondering if there's any built-in tools that would allow me to resize without losing the existing data?

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