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    I've found that 3D graphics performance in VMware Workstation Player 12.1.0 is very slow, making games unplayable.


    I have downgraded to VMware Player 6.0.7 & the performance is brilliant.


    Has anyone else experienced this & are VMware aware of it?

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  • 11/18/16--13:15: Upgrading from Player 5.02
  • I am in the process of reinstalling my Windows 7 on a second Disc.  I have VMPlayer 5.02  currently running on my other Disc  I could just reinstall 5.02 but was wondering if I should try the latest 12.5 version My VM is for Widows XP and the way I did this last time was to simply copy my existing copy of C:\Program Files\Windows XP mode  before opening the newly installed VMPLayer  Would this be the same for 12.5 or are there any other considerations  And of course are my current Virtual machines created in 5.02 compatable with the latest 12.5





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    When I open my virtual machine, it shows this.

    "VMware Player unrecoverable error: (vcpu-0)



    vcpu-0:VERIFY vmcore/vmm/main/physMem_monitor.c:1180



    A log file is available in "C:\Users\TimGF\Documents\Virtual Machines\OS X El Capitan Final\vmware.log".



    You can request support.



    To collect data to submit to VMware technical support, run "vm-support".



    We will respond on the basis of your support entitlement."



    This is  the log: vmware.log -



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    Hey there !


    Im very new to VMware player and setting up networks. I tried several times to setup a bridge for Kali Linux Vm. But it doesnt seems to work :




    As you can see it isnt connected ... I also havent filled anything in the options of wired connections yet, everything is completly empty ( Security/Identy/ipv4/ipv6 are emtpy) :




    I watched some tutorials and read some  threads about that problem. SO i configured KaliLunux Vm like that :




    I also changed some stuff in the NetworkingEditor :




    And atleast heres a picture of my networkcard :




    Does anyone of you guys know why it isnt working and how to solve it ?

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    I can't get Software Updates to work. I'm using VMware Workstation Player 12. I receive the message: "Disconnected - The connection to the update server timed out. Try again later. If the problem persists, contact VMware Support or your system administrator." (see the image attached). Is it supposed to work this way? Any help is appreciated.

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    Hello everyone.


    I am testing a game mod and i'm currently using Vmware workstation to run this game on two systems at the same time. The game has a multiplayer function and thus I am able to play "online" on the same machine, but I am not familiar to how VM works and i'm encountering these specific issues:


    1: I don't know how to configure my xbox controller (one player plays on keyboard and the other on the controller) to only work for VM. Alternatively, making it work only on the host is also fine. If this isn't adressed, my next problem won't be adressed either:


    2: If I click on the game running on the host, the controls automatically stop working on the VM and vice versa, since I highlighted a different program. I don't know if I explained it well, but it's like trying to write on two programs and the same time: You'll only be able to write on a highlighted program at a time. Is there a function that lets me bypass this?


    That's it. I thank anyone who might be able to help, even if you know the slightest about this technology it helps a lot since I've been reading about it the whole morning but I haven't been able to bypass these two issues. I hope I'm in the right thread, the right forums for this. Thank you for your patience.


    In case this is of any relevance: The game is called terraria, it does not come with split-screen multiplayer, that's why i'm using VM for it.

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  • 11/25/16--05:33: VM window size config
  • Where is the config file for current size of a VM (powered on) window?

    I want to create multiple VMs and have them all at exact same size (1366x768), so i want to duplicate this config file for the other VMs since it's pretty troublesome to resize them manually to 1366x768.

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  • 11/25/16--15:20: VM Player Cut-n-paste issue
  • Using VM Player 4.06, Ubuntu 14.04, Windows 7.

    I had to install open-vm-tools (git apt-get install open-vm-tools-dkms ) and patches ( )to enable shared folders.

    Now cut-n-paste does not work between my host (windows) and guest (Ubuntu)

    This cut-n-paste used to work perfectly earlier. What can I do to fix this, this is kinda big deal for me.

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    Currently using VMware Player 12.1.1-3770994. Host machine is Windows 10.


    When I try to connect a USB device (iPhone) to my Mac VM, the list isn't populated with anything. I checked the VMware USB Arbitration Service, and it's stuck on "Starting." When I tried to manually start it, I received error 1053 "Service did not respond in a timely fashion." I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, repairing the install, and I even tried updating to 12.5, and nothing has resolved this issue. Anyone have any idea what's causing this problem? It's starting to drive me crazy.



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    I'm using this processor which is stated to have 4 cores:

    I could however select up to 8 cores (selecting more than 8 cores give a warning). Why is that so?

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    Unable to open file "E:\hadoop\disc images\cloudera-quickstart-vm-5.7.0-0-vmware\cloudera-quickstart-vm-5.7.0-0-vmware.vmdk":



    Insufficient permission to access file.

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    In the past VMWare Player used the central configuration files


    C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware Player\config.ini


    C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware Player\settings.ini


    As you know this software was previously renamed to VMware Workstation Player.


    Since then it seems to me that the two central configuration files mentioned above are retrieved from different directory


    C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware Workstation\


    Is this correct?


    Can I delete the old files?



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    Is this the appropriate place to submit a bug? This has been happening for quite some time. I just upgraded to 12.5.2 and it's still not fixed. So maybe VMWare doesn't know about it yet?


    I have 3 monitors on my host machine (Win10), and usually run my VM (Win10) across only 2 of the three. It doesn't matter if I shutdown the VM properly, or simply pause it. If I close the VM when it has two monitors, the next time I run it it does not behave in the least. The first thing that happens is the VM comes up in a not-full-screen window, which in itself is not bad, but the resolution is clearly set for two monitors (there's a horizontal scroll bar that allows me to scroll all the way over to a second monitor. If I hit the "full screen" button, for one it doesn't actually open in full screen. There's unused space at the bottom of the physical monitor that looks like has been reserved for the taskbar of my host machine, even though there's no taskbar on that monitor (so the "full screen" mode actually has scroll bars). On top of that, it displays what looks like two screens, cut in half, but all squished onto one monitor. If I hit the "full screen" button again it takes it back to its original state (full 2-monitor resolution, with scroll bars), then hit the "full screen" button a third time, then the window actually opens full screen, with no scroll bars (this issue has been happening for years now, annoying, but workable). What's different this time, is the VM still has 2 virtual monitors squished together onto one physical monitor. If I change VMWare to actually use 2 physical monitors, then I get one normal monitor, and one that looks like it has 2 monitors squished together on one physical monitor.


    I can deal with hitting the "full screen" button three times in order to actually get a full screen window. But this new issue, where 2 virtual monitors are squished together on one physical monitor is super annoying. In order to fix it, I have to un-full screen the VM (since you simply cannot work with two virtual monitors squished together on one physical monitor), then manually set the resolution on what the guest OS considers its one and only monitor (which it considers to be one single monitor with a resolution equivalent to two physical monitors side-by-side) to the actual resolution of my physical monitor. Once I do that, then I can full screen the VM without error, and set the VM to use 2 physical monitors without error. I now have to do this every. single. time I run my VM. I can avoid the problem if I change my VM back to use only one physical monitor before shutting it down. So it seems to be specific to starting up a VM that previously was given two (or possibly more) physical monitors the last time it was running.


    This bug is consistent and happens every time without fail. Is there any hope for a fix anytime soon?

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    Host: Windows 10 Home Version 1607 Build 14393.477, 64-bit OS

    Guest(VM): Windows 7 Professional SP 1, 64-bit OS

    VM: VMware® Workstation 12 Player, 12.5.2 build-46382


    I upgraded my PC host to windows 10 not much time ago from Windows 7. Few days ago I began to play VM a Windows 7 guest and an upgrade to VM player 12 was offered by the package and installed.

    After the upgrade I ran a client APP on the guest that communicates with a server APP via TCP/IP, which is a Linux running as a VM in other PC, with no success on the communication at all.

    So I began to diagnosis the situation with following results:

    1.- The guest can ping the host and other computers on the network, also it can map on windows other computers and even the Linux server which is running a Samba file server

    2.- The guest CAN NOT ssh to the server neither can browse any web page (nor Intranet neither internet), an

    3.- With a wireshark running at the host it could be noted the following:

              a) There is data traffic coming and go when ping and windows network mapping is done.

              b) There absolutly data NO TRAFFIC when browsing and ssh connection is tried

    From googling on the INET, I know this kind of problem has been reported before but there have not been a clear explamation of the cause and possible alternative


    Any one that can help  or redirect me to a correpondent thread will be appreciated.


    Thanks for read.

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    How do I disable sharing or change port sharing is using? It is using port 443 and I need that port for something else! I'm using VMWare Workstation 12 Player.


    Thank you.

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    I am trying to install VMWare tools on a Vista guest and am getting a blue screen with VMCI.SYS. The install never completes.


    The Vista guest was virtualized from using VMWare Converter on the physical box.


    The virtual machine runs fine otherwise, but I need to get the tools installed on it so I can give the virtualized machine to an end user.


    If it makes any difference, an old version of VMWare Player was installed in the guest Vista OS back in 2008.


    Can anyone give me some suggestions for what to do here?





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  • 12/02/16--14:30: Networking isssue
  • I am using VM Player 4.0.6 on Win7. Have Ubuntu 14.04 VMs.

    My VM Player Network Adapter is set to NAT. (I must have chosen all the defaults).

    This all was working fine forever but somehow something changed and everything has fallen apart.

    When I reboot my VMPlayer my IP changes. My software (on VM)  is configured to use the IP address of when I originally installed the software- so it of course does not work with IP changes.

    How can I get a static IP, or should I have to change my Network Setting (is that even possible).



    Can  I upgrade my VM Player to new 12.5 seamlessly?

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    I have VMware. I also have a flash drive that holds up to 128 GB. Is there a way I can keep the VMware file on the flash drive and then bring it to work, plug it in there, then run my entire day from this USB flash drive? Meaning VMware has some way to save the operating system files on this today which would allow me to open it from both my home and my office. Another way to say it is I would like to work a little bit on the Windows 7 64 bit vmware profile at home, save it, then stick the usb flash drive in my pocket.  Then I want to go to work, put in the usb flash drive and continue exactly where i left off at home.  Is this possible? 


    I hope this is the correct forum to post this question.

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    Moved a VM from a WS Player on Win7 machine to a WS Player Win10 machine. Took ownership on initial boot and then the VM goes into a constant restart loop. Gets to Windows is loading files, then restarts. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    I have converted the phisical Windows 7 Pro on my laptop with "VMWare vCenter Converter Standalon client" to a new Windows 7 virtual machine instance.

    After launching the virtual machine, the VMWare player 12.5 doesn't send "CTRL+ALT+DEL" to start the login acquisition, so I'm not able to use the virtualized machine.

    I've tried to stop the Windows startup with F8 and it works, so I suppose the keyboard is correctly installed and recognized.

    I've tried with difference sequences: CTRL+ALT+">", CTRL+ALT+"INS", CTRL+ALT+"END", with no changes.


    Anyone can help me to find a solution?



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