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    Running Widows 7 pro 64bit with Win XP as guest.

    vmware just updated the player to 12,5,4 and the performance dropped drastically. It used to take 3-4 seconds to load a medium size program, now3 over 20. Seems mainly to affect disk reads as shutdown is still fairly fast.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks, Claude

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    Just upgraded to Workstation player 12.5.4 rebooted and i'm getting internal error.  VMware Auth service is running.


    Windows 7 w/ SP1.


    Tried rebooting no good.  Tried removing appdata folders, nothing.

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    Hi there!


    I am trying to understand why my external hard drives are not working on a virtualized Fedora 25 executed on my Windows 10 Pro used as host. The software version is VMware Workstation 12 Player 12.5.4 build-5192485. "VMware Tools" are correctly installed.

    When I try to connect a simple USB 3.0 flash drive, such as a Kingston Datatraveler, it works perfectly while when I try to connect my hard drives using two different external USB 3.0 enclosures (one with ASMedia as chipset and the other with JMicron) they don't work. The device is correctly shown on "Removable devices" list but when I try to connect it to the guest it is visible only through "lsusb" command but not on "fdisk" and so on.

    I tried to use an external USB 2.0 hard drive enclosure and all works fine with that.

    "VMware USB Arbitration Service" is running normally; none abnormal error message is shown by the guest as well as by the host. I already tried to change virtual machine USB controller settings to USB 2.0 but the issue is always present.


    Do you have any suggestions on how to proceed? Thank you.

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    I am trying to extend the life of a DOS application that works fine on Windows XP. It was running on an older PC that had a built in parallel port which worked for printing. Now that old PC died and only Windows 64 bit machines are available. I created a Windows XP virtual machine that runs on this machine in VMWare Player 12.5 and the host PC has a parallel port card on LPT3. I configured the VM settings to redirect the parallel port to the file "LPT3" and the DOS application in the VM prints perfectly to the printed attached Host PC... for a while.


    They don't use this app often so I just had them suspending the VM and resuming it when this app is needed which worked great several times. Now sometimes it works and sometimes when trying to print VMWare pops up the error message:  Parallel:Unable to write to the file "LPT3"  over and over and printing no longer works. We somehow got this working again after several reboots of the VM and the host. I don't even know what actually fixed it and it worked for a while again. It's in this state where it doesn't print again today and I really was hoping to find either an easy way to fix this when it happens, or better a way to prevent it from getting in this state.


    Any suggestions?

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    I have a couple of guestVM machines (Linux, Win, Solaris).


    All of them start (on a 64bit Win 7 hostOS) with a smaller window size as the later "working" screen/display size.


    For example when the Linux Mint login page is shown in VM window then the size is 1024x768.

    Now I enter login name and password.

    Then the guestOS looks into its OS-dependent preferences, detects a screen resolution of 1400x900 and adjusts the guestOS window accordingly.


    How can I tell VMware to start a certain VM (or even all VMs) with an initial window size for the login/welcome screen of 1400x900 ?



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    I can clone (=copy) Windows VMs from desktop to laptop, no problem. Just starting Linux (Ubuntu and LinuxMint), clones on another machine function OK except for the network shares.

    I have searched for solutions that often refer to editing/deleting /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules, but I cannot find this file.

    I have looked at Maintaining and Changing the MAC Address of a Virtual Machine and manually set the MAC as a static address on the clone to be the same as the original generated MAC. This does not work either. Using Windiff, the only differences between the original and cloned vmx are:

    <! uuid.bios = "56 4d 9c c6 78 7e 8c 9d-f9 f1 9e 51 67 c4 b7 08"

    !> uuid.bios = "56 4d f2 03 04 2e c3 2c-f4 e5 07 0c 83 79 5f 9f"

    <! uuid.location = "56 4d 9c c6 78 7e 8c 9d-f9 f1 9e 51 67 c4 b7 08"

    !> uuid.location = "56 4d f2 03 04 2e c3 2c-f4 e5 07 0c 83 79 5f 9f"



    <! ethernet0.generatedAddress = "00:0c:29:c4:b7:08"

    !> ethernet0.generatedAddress = "00:0c:29:79:5f:9f"



    <! ethernet1.addressType = "generated"

    !> ethernet1.addressType = "static"



    <! ethernet1.generatedAddress = "00:0c:29:c4:b7:12"



    !> ethernet1.address = "00:0C:29:C4:B7:12"


    where <! is the original vmx and !> is the cloned vmx. ethernet1 is my host network adaptor


    Any suggestions? Should I tinker with the uuid lines?

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    Hi! I have installed OS X as a guest OS in VMware Workstation 12, and I use a High DPI monitor, which causes the screen and fonts to be really small. I was able to fix the screen size using VMware Tools vmware-resolutionSet, so now the display size is bigger, but the fonts are still minimal. Is there any way to resize the fonts? OS X does not give me the option to use larger fonts as it doesn when you are using a Retina Display.


    Any help is appreciated! Here's a screenshot with this webpage for scale.


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    Is a running Windows Update Service" wuauserv required to update VMWareTools in Win guestOS?


    I set the built-in Windows Update to "Never check for updates".


    I guess the Windows Update Service is stopped due to this settings.


    If I want to update now VMWareTools it refused due to not avaliable Windows Update Service.


    If a running wsuaserv is required:


    Can I simply start iot with


    net start wuauserv





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    Not sure what happened with this recent release but the NAT vmnet8 is not functioning the way it did in prior versions


    Win 7 Pro 64b sp 1 

    VMware Player 12.5.2

    UBUNTU 14.04 VM

    Network set to NAT

    Norton 360


    Telnet and ping work to the IP address ( assigned by vmnet8 ( Gateway (


    After updating to VMware Player 12.5.4 (nothing else changed)

    ping and telnet no longer work to the assigned IP address


    wire shark capture indicates that this IP address is unknown


    Bridged mode still causes a Blue Screen Crash when attempting to reboot a vm (this is a known issue with other versions of Player in Windows 7)


    Turned off Norton to ensure there wasn't a new block put in place by the Security rules ... no change


    Created a backup image of my current hd then reloaded a backup hd image containing 12.5.2 and compared all the settings for;

    vmnet8 ... appear to be the same

    vmnet1 ... appear to be the same

    vmnetcfg.exe ... appear to be the same

    player vm network settings ... appear to be the same


    restored my current hd image

    Found an original download of 12.5.2 ... uninstalled 12.5.4 and installed 12.5.2 ... ping and telnet work again


    So is vmnet8 broken in 12.5.4 ... or ... is there some new setting we need to be aware of ... or ... something I may have missed?


    Kind of makes one want to turn off updates when it takes 2 days to restore functionality

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    on Workstation 12 Player

    Porteus 3.2.2


    i'm able to run Porteus Linux on VMWare no problem.


    vmware tools installed no problem,  no error.


    but, when i try to run



    i get

    Unable to copy to source file

    /usr/lib/vmware-tools/configurator/pam.d/vmtoolsd to the destination file


    Execution aborted.


    i notice the pam.d directory does not exist.


    any help?



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    Hi all,


    I've just downloaded the free version of VMWare Workstation 12 Player to have a bit of a play around and I tried to restore a recent backup of Server 2008 R2 but it failed because the backup was created on a uefi based machine, and the VM is bios based. I can't seem to find where to change that in the VM settings. Any idea what I can do to sort this?


    Thanks in advance,



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    I am trying to user a Linux Mint guest on Windows Server Host (64bit DirectX11) with Windows 12 Player. All freshly installed.


    I'm getting the message 'No 3D support is available from the host'


    There is a thread discussing this issue, which advised editing the .vmx file. There is no .vmx file on the server, the closest being .vxmf file, but there are no config lines such as those listed in the original thread.


    Workstation 12 Pro: No 3D support is available from the host. The 3D features of the virtual machine will be disabled.


    Could anyone clear this up please, 3d accelaration works fine on Vbox with a Mint host.





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    I am looking for a student support subscription along with 1 full license of vmware workstation player (any version that works on 32 bit pref starting from 9 or 10 ?





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    Host: Linux Mint 18.1 MATE 64Bit / Guest: Windows 10 Pro 64Bit


    I've been using VMWare Player for many years on Linux hosts with no problems.

    I recently updated Linux VMWare Player and now have a problem:

    In my Windows 10 Pro 64Bit guest I have bad audio?

    When a sound is played in Win 10 virtual machine the sound is heavily distorted?

    I do have current VMWare Tools for Windows installed.

    This issue happened recently after updating Linux VMWare Player.

    Any help in fixing this problem would be appreciated, thank you!



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    Error on executing VMWare WORKSTATION PLAYER 12.5.5 WIndows 10 installation:

    Runtime DLL installer failed to complete installation

    Any ideas?

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    Hi, I have a problem, when running a VM from time to time the entire PC freezes for a few minutes. Similar when I suspend the VM the PC slow down or freeze for a few minutes. Any suggestion? Once I suspend a machine I need to wait for at least 4 minutes before I can start it again.


    Running VMware workstation 12.5 on a I7 machine, WIndow 7 64, 8 gb memory, VM OS is also Win 7 64 configured for 2GB memory.

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    I have a Schneider panel pc running win XP embedded that has "left this earth" .

    Now I wonder, is it possible to take the 4 GB SD card (XP system and additional programs). and turn it in to a WM ?


    Best regards

    Claus Lind

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    Hi Team


    I am trying to get VMWare Workstation Player working under Hyper-V. I am getting the error "VMware Workstation and Hyper-V are not compatible. Remove the Hyper-V role from the system before running VMware Workstation."


    Before you say it. The Hyper-V role is not installed, this system is a guest OS of a hyper-v host.

    Yes this error is because it detects the underlying hyper-v host and the error is because it thinks the underlying host does not support nesting. This is no longer correct* under Hyper-V 2016.

    If it is now exposing the right functions of the processor to the guest, once you run the powershell command to allow nesting in the guest, than surely this should work fine?


    * Yes the microsoft article says third party virtualization tech not support but they should work if enabled to work and not just "detect Hyper-V and error".


    I am trying to get GNS3 working with VM support.

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    Not sure what virtualization technology is commonly used in linux-based VPS hosts but it definitely is not vmware. Still would like vmware workstation to run in such a VPS in order to use the freebsd o/s on it. Can this be done? How?

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