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    Error: Error while powering on: VMware Player cannot connect to the virtual machine. Make sure you have rights to run the program, access all directories the program uses, and access all directories for temporary files. Failed to connect pipe to virtual machine: The system cannot find the file specified.


    I was on VMware-player-14.0.0 before my windows upgrade last week for some time without issues. I need to eventually upgrade win so I can't roll back.

    Something I tried that eventually worked was installing any v12 VMware-player-12.5.9. This cant be the long term solution I need to get 14 working.


    I have windows 10 Pro. now v 1709 on my desktop and the vm's i run contain a windows 7 although I also have a windows 10.

    Vm's are not corrupt, I have many vm's and backups on many different locations. Usb sticks, Nas device, Local Hd's and backups on external drives all give same error but can be run from my notebook with same windows version and also latest VMware-player-14.1.1.


    Things that I have seen that are different to V12 or notebook V14 is :


    • VMware USB Arbitration Service is not running and I can not get it running after following all answers I have found -  works on V12 if i downgrade and must have worked before win upgrade

    The registry key's some have mentioned to create exists nothing wrong, files also exist where they suggested (hcmon.sys)

    • The Network adapter bridge settings are empty. Was there on 14 and is there on 12 also on my notebook
    • I have seen this message "Failed to read vmware-authd port number: Cannot connect to VMX:" in logs but many people says they also have it, it is also there when i run 12 that works and also on my notebook v14 so I don't think it plays a role.
    • I have seen the intel cpu requirements but my v14 worked on this desktop for quite some time before my win upgrade. This is also not an old pc.


    I do not think any of the issues I mentioned is the problem I am only mentioning the differences. They might be issues later but


    What I have tried.:


    • Many Repairs in 14 with running in admin and without although my user has admin. No errors errors during repair
    • Complete uninstalls and re-installs with and without admin with reboots in between always. No Errors during install
    • I have also after some uninstalls manually cleaned out all i could find or what was suggested, made sure services are gone
    • After V12 works I tried upgrading again to latest v14.1.1 but same prob.
    • All services run except for USB one (VMware Authorization Service,VMware DHCP Service,VMware NAT Service,Windows Management Instrumentation)
    • I don't think folder permissions are at play here because I have so many vms' different places and notebook starts vm, I can also see one of 2 cache files and lock file created when trying to start
    • I have also tried with vm tools installed and without.


    It seems like a permission error but where. I have read many similar threads but where they eventually find a missing file registry entry or a service that wont run mine are there and running and can be stopped started.


    This is irritating because i have to continue some work i have so i need v12 installed to work and v14 to play and i don't thing i can have both concurrent.


    Please Please help, any suggestions would be very welcome.


    I will include log file after launching vmplayer and then one after launching vm and getting error.

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    i have 2 disks defined but only one is showing online the other is offline. how do i put it online? i converted from a windows vm workstation to ESXI vm.

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  • 02/17/18--01:50: NAT device explanation
  • Hello all,

    I am trying to understand how NAT mode works and i have a question.

    I  know that via DHCP the host always takes .1 IP address and the quest takes from .128 and on.

    I know how NAT works. I would expect that the quest should have as Default gateway the host (.1). The packets arriving would be NATed to the physical NIC of the host and reach the outer world.

    I see though that the quest has DG= .2 (referred as the "NAT device" by VM guides). What is that? Why should you insert .2 in the middle? And how does it work?


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    Please help, I couldn't install VMware bridge Protocol. When i click OK as picture 1, it will show error as picture 2. I must to do it for change network in VMwave to bridge mode. I can't work anything. Please help me.


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    I can enter full-screen using the Ctrl-Alt-Enter keyboard shortcut.  I believe that to exit full-screen I should be able to use the Ctril-Alt keyboard shortcut but this doesn't work.  Am I missing something?

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    Using VMware Player 3, how can I set the default directory for virtual machines to be opened and/or created?



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    I have created a new Windows 7 64 bit SP1 ISO by slipstreaming MS hotfixes KB2990941 & KB3087873 into Boot.wim Index 1 & 2 and Install.wim Index 4( Windows 7 ultimate)

    I am testing it on Vmware Player 14 and I have created a new virtual hard disk with NVMe controller.


    The setup with slip streamed hotfixes hangs at ‘Starting Windows’ logo. The other ISO without hotfixes progresses past this point though of course it fails to detect the Virtual NVME drive during the Custom Install option.


    I have even tried slip streaming only KB2990941 but same issue. Setup hangs at Starting Windows.


    In case anyone has any further pointers, would greatly appreciate it. I have Windows 10 pro 64 ISO as well, it successfully installs with NVMe controllers.


    I am wondering if there's some sort of incompatibility between Windows 7 with these hotfixes and VMWare 14?

    Any further troubleshooting pointers would be great.


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  • 02/25/18--08:47: Cannot uninstall
  • Seems like my VMware player has gone uninstallable. Any help?

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    VMWare Player 14 Can't update the Vmware tool on win7, proxy server is wrong, how to change the proxy server, I think when I change the proxy server the problem can be solved.

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  • 02/26/18--21:10: Multiple monitor issue
  • I want to use the 2 monitor setup but the guide says that I have to click the cycle monitor button every time. I disabled the top panel because it distracts me and I don't need it but I don't have a way to actually see the button now and I couldn't find a hotkey for it. Is it possible to hide the panel somehow after clicking the button? What could you recommend?

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  • 02/28/18--08:29: help me
  • This is off-topic; I'm using a WinXP virtual machine on Workstation Player and I need to ask; Where's the vmware workstation player equivalent to Virtualbox Guest Additions? Help!

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    I am a first time user. Please let me know if this would be better posted elsewhere. Thank you.


    I attempted to install VMware vCenter Standalone Client ver. 6.2 on my Dell 8700 PC running Windows 8.1.  I selected to do a local install only. The install failed with an error something like "The service could not be started."


    I tried to remove installation, reboot, and install again. Same problem.


    It seemed to finish installing so I am able to start the application. But I get the following error message:



    I go to the services control panel and the server service is not running


    When I try to manually start it, I get the following error:



    When I look at the dependencies, there are none:



    Please help!

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    for test automation purposes, I need to automate to connect a USB device from host to guest OS. Since the USB devices change, but they always have the same VID and PID.

    And only one is connected to host OS at the same time.


    Do you know a workaround or solution for that?


    Thank you in advance!


    Best regards,



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  • 03/02/18--14:41: VMX File Corrupt
  •     Hi,


    We have a user who's VMware fusion virtual machine won't open anymore. When we attempt to open the virtual we are told that the VMX file is corrupt. Would there be a way to rebuild the VMX file without losing any data on the virtual?

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    It is a while since I installed VMware on a Linux host.

    If do so on two dual-booting Linux hosts, can I point VMware from both of them to a separate partition housing virtual machines (*Windows etc)?

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    I install Windows 7 64 SP1 on a virtual SATA Drive on VMWare Workstation 14. It installs fine. Then I install MS Hotfix KB2990941  restart VM and then install 3087873. I shutdown VM, add NVMe drive and restart VM. IT works great. It detects NVMe drive and installs the drivers as added thru the hotfix.


    However Windows stalls at starting windows screen for a complete clean install if I slipstream these two hotfixes into boot.wim and install.wim. This time it’s just new virtual NVMe drive and nothing else. I have followed the steps exactly as mentioned at

    Resulting ISO boots fine but when it's only NVMe drive present,  it stalls at the logo.


    How do I fix this issue? Any troubleshooting pointers would be great to know.  Thanks.

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    I've an urgent problem. I've a CentOS 7 hosted on a Windows 10 machine.


    My Windows is running out of space (4GB left out of 237). This is due to my VM getting bigger and bigger every week. It's present size is 188GB. When I look into my CentOS 7, the disk usage is 24GB. How is it then possible that my VM is so big? I try to use the "Shrink" tool from vmware-toolbox-cmd but it failed because my host machine hasn't enough space left.


    Do you guys have a solution for me?


    Thanks for reading!



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  • 03/08/18--06:03: INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND
  • I have a Web application running in a VMware Workstation 12 Pro Virtual Machine (12.5.9 build-7535481), with a NIC defined as Host-Only.

    My application can be accessed from the host system (Windows 10) with Chrome, IE11 and Firefox, but Edge gives INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND.

    I am using the dynamically assigned IP address and as URL


    Is this a known problem?

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    Ok, so occasionally my VM connections using Bridged connection stop working and I've been reading posts that show the issue to be related to multiple networks and VMNet0 picking the wrong network adapter.  The fix for this is to use the VMNetCfg to "force" the selection of the correct network adapter for VMNet0. 


    From what I've been able to read since the VMNetCfg does not come with Workstation Player 12.5 I have to:

    • uninstall current Player,
    • download and install Pro 12.5
    • copy WMNetCfg.exe from the install folder
    • uninstall Pro 12.5
    • reinstall Player.


    Can anybody tell me if this is the only way or if there is a better way to get the WMNetCfg.





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    I am running  a Windows 7 image on VMware Workstation Player 14, on a windows 10 surface pro host machine.
    The image contains a program that suggests pretty much only VMWare, Officelite by KUKA.


    The program has some / buttons that the user needs to click. There are currently 2 problems:
    a) If the user doesn't click exactly on a button but nearby, the application gets re-positioned, as if a drag and drop occurred.

    b) When a user wants to hold one of the buttons to keep increasing/decreasing its values, he needs to double tap and hold instead of the expected behavior (hold pressed).


    I don't know what is causing problem a), but I have disabled "press and hold to right click" on windows 10, and still press and hold doesn't work in the application.


    I have 2 approaches to solving this:
    1) either change the mouse behavior in general

    2) Write an application that intercepts and changes the way input is handled

    Any ideas on what to do?


    Considering the 2) approach:
    I Wrote a WPF c# application that is always on top and when it recognizes touch input (touch down/pressed/up) it tries to bring VMWare to foreground and send a mouse_event to that, but the mouse click is not registering. Also tried putting the application within VMWare, but stuff like System.Timers.timer and System.threading.Thread are not running.


    Any help is greatly appreciated!



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