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    While trying to setup Kali-Linux-2016-vm-amd64 via Workstation 12 Player on a Windows 7 host PC, I was unable to get a workable connection using the Bridged(Automatic) setting for the Network Adapter. VM Settings7.png



    My understanding is that the Player should set up 3 virtual adapters during VMware install as follows:


    VMnet0 - Bridged

    VMnet1 - Host-Only

    VMnet8 - NAT

    Source -  B2107A21D0CE.html


    I am able to get a workable connection to internet via NAT (Ping, but not with Bridged option.


    I tried reinstalling Workstation Player, and the Kali-Linux VM from scratch with the same results.


    I've tried 'adding' another Network Adapter via Virtual Machine Settings with same no connection results


    I checked Network Connections on the Win 7 Host, and I notice 2 VMware Network adapters labeled VMnet1 and VMnet8, but nothing relating to an expected VMnet0. So I assume VMware tried and maybe failed to create the appropriate adapter for some reason.
    VM Settings6.png


    Looking for suggestions or resources to fix this no-connection Bridged issue.


    Thanks for taking time to read my post.

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    Error: Error while powering on: VMware Player cannot connect to the virtual machine. Make sure you have rights to run the program, access all directories the program uses, and access all directories for temporary files. Failed to connect pipe to virtual machine: The system cannot find the file specified.


    I was on VMware-player-14.0.0 before my windows upgrade last week for some time without issues. I need to eventually upgrade win so I can't roll back.

    Something I tried that eventually worked was installing any v12 VMware-player-12.5.9. This cant be the long term solution I need to get 14 working.


    I have windows 10 Pro. now v 1709 on my desktop and the vm's i run contain a windows 7 although I also have a windows 10.

    Vm's are not corrupt, I have many vm's and backups on many different locations. Usb sticks, Nas device, Local Hd's and backups on external drives all give same error but can be run from my notebook with same windows version and also latest VMware-player-14.1.1.


    Things that I have seen that are different to V12 or notebook V14 is :


    • VMware USB Arbitration Service is not running and I can not get it running after following all answers I have found -  works on V12 if i downgrade and must have worked before win upgrade

    The registry key's some have mentioned to create exists nothing wrong, files also exist where they suggested (hcmon.sys)

    • The Network adapter bridge settings are empty. Was there on 14 and is there on 12 also on my notebook
    • I have seen this message "Failed to read vmware-authd port number: Cannot connect to VMX:" in logs but many people says they also have it, it is also there when i run 12 that works and also on my notebook v14 so I don't think it plays a role.
    • I have seen the intel cpu requirements but my v14 worked on this desktop for quite some time before my win upgrade. This is also not an old pc.


    I do not think any of the issues I mentioned is the problem I am only mentioning the differences. They might be issues later but


    What I have tried.:


    • Many Repairs in 14 with running in admin and without although my user has admin. No errors errors during repair
    • Complete uninstalls and re-installs with and without admin with reboots in between always. No Errors during install
    • I have also after some uninstalls manually cleaned out all i could find or what was suggested, made sure services are gone
    • After V12 works I tried upgrading again to latest v14.1.1 but same prob.
    • All services run except for USB one (VMware Authorization Service,VMware DHCP Service,VMware NAT Service,Windows Management Instrumentation)
    • I don't think folder permissions are at play here because I have so many vms' different places and notebook starts vm, I can also see one of 2 cache files and lock file created when trying to start
    • I have also tried with vm tools installed and without.


    It seems like a permission error but where. I have read many similar threads but where they eventually find a missing file registry entry or a service that wont run mine are there and running and can be stopped started.


    This is irritating because i have to continue some work i have so i need v12 installed to work and v14 to play and i don't thing i can have both concurrent.


    Please Please help, any suggestions would be very welcome.


    I will include log file after launching vmplayer and then one after launching vm and getting error.

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    Using VMware Player 3, how can I set the default directory for virtual machines to be opened and/or created?



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    I can enter full-screen using the Ctrl-Alt-Enter keyboard shortcut.  I believe that to exit full-screen I should be able to use the Ctril-Alt keyboard shortcut but this doesn't work.  Am I missing something?

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    Attached is a log.


    Was on and off before with it now wont do it at all.

    I have the latest version.

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  • 02/25/18--08:47: Cannot uninstall
  • Seems like my VMware player has gone uninstallable. Any help?

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    VMWare Player 14 Can't update the Vmware tool on win7, proxy server is wrong, how to change the proxy server, I think when I change the proxy server the problem can be solved.

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  • 02/28/18--08:29: help me
  • This is off-topic; I'm using a WinXP virtual machine on Workstation Player and I need to ask; Where's the vmware workstation player equivalent to Virtualbox Guest Additions? Help!

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    Hello! I used vmware workstation player 12 with no problem, but after the kernel update i had to install the new version. I use Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon x64. The problem is: when i try to create a virtual machine or to open an existing one, the list on the left side remains empty. So i can't edit that virtual machine. And the only way to open it is to manually navigate to the folder where it is created and double click on it( which opens it drectly, so, again, i can't edit it). Have anyone found a solution yet?

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    Recently moved all my VMs from Host Win7-64bit to Win8-64bit.

    Fresh install of Player v 5.0.2 build-1031769

    Computer is Acer Aspire M Intel i5 @ 1.8Ghz

    Graphics is Intel HD 4000


    When any of the various VMs are started from the Powered Off state, the player window will open and a big black screen will appear where the guest display should be shown. The guest OS does indeed boot, right up to the login screen although with no display visible. If I try to click on the close button in the upper right corner, I get a dialog box that says "The Virtual Machine is Busy". My only option is to end the vmplayer.exe task using task manager. Once I do that, the VM shows state as Powered On in the Library. If I Play it the 2nd time, the VM will resume operating correctly with the proper display at the immediate point where I expected it to be when I ended the vmplayer.exe task earlier.

    Presence or absence of Tools in Guest does not affect the problem.


    All 3 of my VMs have the exact same behavior. Guest operating Systems are: WinXP-SP3-32bit, Win7-64bit built from the VMware Converter, and Server 2008 from the MS eval ISO.


    Any ideas? Once the play/end task/play sequence is performed the VM works correctly. Until it is shutdown or hibernated. A VM restart does not exhibit this symptom. The problem is reproducible with all VMs every time.


    Provided vmx for the XP VM and a few logs.

    Thanks in advance. I'm so close to having this work it's even more frustrating than if it didn't work at all.

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  • 03/02/18--14:41: VMX File Corrupt
  •     Hi,


    We have a user who's VMware fusion virtual machine won't open anymore. When we attempt to open the virtual we are told that the VMX file is corrupt. Would there be a way to rebuild the VMX file without losing any data on the virtual?

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    I have been working on VM environment (VM WARE WORKSTATION 12 PLAYER) for many months with no problem. This VM was located on an external Hard DRive. Suddenly while trying to power the VM on I got this message " Error while opening the virtual machine: VMX file is corrupt."


    I have no IDEA what to do! My tech expertise is limited to dowloading your software and running it. Thought everthing was going to go smoothly up till now! Please help!




    I have just attached everything i found as a vmx file. I hope it helps....Please help me

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    Host: Linux Mint 18.1 MATE 64Bit / Guest: Windows 10 Pro 64Bit


    I've been using VMWare Player for many years on Linux hosts with no problems.

    I recently updated Linux VMWare Player and now have a problem:

    In my Windows 10 Pro 64Bit guest I have bad audio?

    When a sound is played in Win 10 virtual machine the sound is heavily distorted?

    I do have current VMWare Tools for Windows installed.

    This issue happened recently after updating Linux VMWare Player.

    Any help in fixing this problem would be appreciated, thank you!



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  • 02/26/18--21:10: Multiple monitor issue
  • I want to use the 2 monitor setup but the guide says that I have to click the cycle monitor button every time. I disabled the top panel because it distracts me and I don't need it but I don't have a way to actually see the button now and I couldn't find a hotkey for it. Is it possible to hide the panel somehow after clicking the button? What could you recommend?

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    It is a while since I installed VMware on a Linux host.

    If do so on two dual-booting Linux hosts, can I point VMware from both of them to a separate partition housing virtual machines (*Windows etc)?

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    I've an urgent problem. I've a CentOS 7 hosted on a Windows 10 machine.


    My Windows is running out of space (4GB left out of 237). This is due to my VM getting bigger and bigger every week. It's present size is 188GB. When I look into my CentOS 7, the disk usage is 24GB. How is it then possible that my VM is so big? I try to use the "Shrink" tool from vmware-toolbox-cmd but it failed because my host machine hasn't enough space left.


    Do you guys have a solution for me?


    Thanks for reading!



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    Ok, so occasionally my VM connections using Bridged connection stop working and I've been reading posts that show the issue to be related to multiple networks and VMNet0 picking the wrong network adapter.  The fix for this is to use the VMNetCfg to "force" the selection of the correct network adapter for VMNet0. 


    From what I've been able to read since the VMNetCfg does not come with Workstation Player 12.5 I have to:

    • uninstall current Player,
    • download and install Pro 12.5
    • copy WMNetCfg.exe from the install folder
    • uninstall Pro 12.5
    • reinstall Player.


    Can anybody tell me if this is the only way or if there is a better way to get the WMNetCfg.





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    Hello, Currently I'm working on some legacy works using the Cosmic compiler (on WinXP)  that requires a parallel port dongle.  

    I created a WinXP guess OS with VMWare Station Player 12 (for trying out)  and added a "Parallel Port | Use physical parallel port |  LPT1".   

    Then use the USB-to-Parallel adapter for connecting the parallel port dongle.  I have no success for compiling because it doesn't

    communicate with the dongle.


    for the "Use physical parallel port" setting, I have also configured to the other option "Auto Detect" and it doesn't work either. 

    Does VMWare  support USB-to-Parallel adapter for dongle?  Do I miss something such as driver or configuration?  Hope someone can help. 


    Thanks in advance.

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    I use VMware workstation player 14 with macOS High Sierra.I need to connect my iphone to this VM machine,it works fine usually,but today when I launch the VM machine,it dont have any device as option. This is what I seen yesterday.As you can see here,inside the VM enter image description here But today,there are no any option except CD/DVD,Network adapater and sound card.Although my iPhone is connect with USB in my computer,the option Apple iPhone still not show up,therefore no more further Connect option. It all happen in just 1 night..The night before this,I still connect the iPhone using the method above!!!! And before I ask this question,I already try all the step in this blog post Please help! This is really killing me..Thanks


    I doesnt have the Apple iPhone -> Connect(Disconnect from host) ,this option is totally disappear when I connect my iPhone with my host.Totally no idea why it happen!

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    Hello Everyone,


    I'll try to be explicit and clear about what I'm trying to achieve.

    As an introduction, I love the keyboard so much I try not to use the mouse as much as possible, especially in a programming environment where I use a lot of shortcuts and typing.

    When I am in the virtual screen and I have to go back on Windows I simply hit CTRL+ALT and ALT+TAB to get back to the last window in my host os.

    Now when I want to go back to the virtual screen, I hit ALT+TAB but now I have to use my mouse and click one time in the inner as to give the focus to the virtualization environment of Vmware. This is just one click of course but I switch really a lot between both the screens and this is the only moment where I use the mouse which is quite annoying if you think about it.


    Is there a way to remove this mouse step and tell Vmware to directly focus in the os when the entire screen gets on focus after ALT+TAB ? I searched in the option and I couldn't find, maybe this is something I can tweak in the configuration file, but I couldn't find there too.


    Thanks in advance for your help.

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