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  • 11/25/18--19:55: VT-x Error
  • Hi,


    I just installed VMware Workstation Player and am trying to set up a Linux VM. When I try to run it, it tells me "This host supports Intel VT-x, but Intel VT-x is disabled," and that I need to enable it to start the VM.


    I contacted the manufacturer of my laptop (HP), and they told me I have to have Windows Pro to enable VT-x.


    Does that mean I cannot use VMware?


    Thanks for your help.


    P.S. I'm new and have no idea what "Place" to post this to. Sorry if I made a bad choice.

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    I'm running the newest Player on Ubuntu 18.04 and I'm trying to prevent Player from capturing Alt-Tab. I want Alt-Tab to switch between apps on my Ubuntu desktop, not apps inside the VM. Is there a config for that?



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    I have installed VMware workstation 15 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. After that I setup Windows 7 guest in VMware and installed VMware tools. When I go to Virtual Machine -> Virtual Machine Settings -> Options, I don't see the option to start Unity as given in VMware documentation. What am i missing?

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    I've had significant battle with the errors that come up when Hyper-V is running in Win10-Pro.  The links to "Manage Windows Defender Credential Guard" in the error message do not lead to the solution, it just wastes everyone's time.  We found this answer through pure luck...


    Just run cmd as Admin and type

    bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off

    and REBOOT


    this will fix

    and if you need hypervisor for something like windows emulator tools in visual studio just re-enable when you need by typing

    bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto

    and REBOOT


    Credential Guard is enabled by hypervisor, and when you disable hypervisorlaunchtype, it disables it. No there is no way to use VMWARE Workstation 14 with this enabled, because they don't support the use of stubs to access hardware through their VMs yet. Anyway, microsoft virtualization sucks so, disable it and keep using VMWARE as it is the fastest one on the market.


    Credit goes to Kiwitech62 which was found in another post on this site.


    Windows 10 Pro v 10.0.17134 & Player 15.0.2 build 10952284

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    I installed Player v 14 for Windows on a Windows 10 laptop while it was connected to a USB Ethernet adapter.  My host only adapters stop passing traffic when I disconnect the USB adapter.  Any ideas on how to resolve this?

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  • 11/29/18--05:05: android on vmware
  • i tried to install android on VMware but it don't boot but it didn't boot after installing

    and i see message says to install FreeBSD tools but when i click it just has error and says


    Perl script-based VMware Tools installation for FreeBSD has been discontinued. FreeBSD systems are supported only through the open-vm-tools packages directly available from FreeBSD package repositories.

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    I just installed Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (1709) and it removed the VMware Bridge Protocol from my physical NIC.


    No problem - it's easy to add back. Just go Properties of the NIC->Install->Service->VMware->VMware Bridge Protocol but the problem is it now shows the error:



    "Could not add the requested feature. The error is: Access is denied"


    I am running with Administrator privileges and I've always been able to do this in the past when an update has messed VMware Bridge Protocol up.


    Any thoughts?





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    I am using VM Workstation 12 on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Some of the VM's don't open in Windows 8.1 but open in Windows 10. Is there any setting that I need to configure on Windows 8.1 so that the VM's work correctly.

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    I am trying to run redhat 6.2 (circa 2000)* as a VMware Player 14.1.5 guest  under Win 10.


    Although I can install the OS, i can't get it to actualy run - during boot, it loads the busLogic driver, and then i just get 'interrupt lost' messages.


    Redhat 6.2 came with linux kernal 2.2.14-5.0


    What is the magic combination of settings I need to get this to run properly?


    Annoyingly, I HAVE managed to get it running with VitualBox, emulating a buslogic scsi harddrive.....








    *Why the heck am i doing this? Well, I need a very old c-compiler (with no stack protection, etc) to try my hand at the gera Insecure Programming challenges

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    I have been executing VMs under Workstation 12 running on Linux Mint 18.3. All my VMs from Windows 2000 to 10 Enterprise and macOS 10.11 to 10.14 run fine and I can get them into full screen mode.


    I have uninstalled 12 and installed 15. All VMs work well but full screen is greyed out. I tried several things but to no avail.


    So I installed Workstation 15 in a Windows 10 pro VM and the exact same VMs can now be set into full screen mode running in this Windows VM. This indicates that the VMs with tools installed are O.K.


    Why is it that these VMs can enter full screen mode under Workstation 12 running on Mint 18.3 but not the newer 15?


    Many thanks,



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  • 12/07/18--10:18: F2 key functions not working
  • Running ESXi6.0 under VMware workstation player 15.2; Everything seems to be working except for the Function keys, I can't access now to Customize the system or shutdown. Anyone seems this before?.. is this a problem with the Workstation or the ESXi 6.0?.

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    I've just installed Player 15 (fresh download from on a new Windows 10 x64 laptop.

    I created a 2012 R2 guest with an ISO freshly downloaded from Microsoft.  VMware tools did not install.  Don't think it auto-mounted the Tools CD.

    I tried Player > Manage > Install VMware tools but it's grayed out.

    I mounted windows.iso from my VMware install directory and ran setup64.exe.  It says it can't verify KB2919355 is installed.  Windows Update says there are no more updates for this ISO image.


    How can I install VMware Tools in this scenario!??

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    The Chrome browser constantly loses and regains focus every 2-3 seconds .. I have the latest plaer 14 and running high sierra 13.6 with all latest patches...bare bones fresh install. I have installed vmware tools and don't get this problem at present with any other OSX app.

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    How can the correct keyboard layout be selected in the player?

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    Good morning,


    I've been running VM Workstation 14 on a Windows Server 2016 machine via RDP for a Nextcloud vm.  I was prompted that Workstation 15 was available for download and upgrade and proceeded to run the upgrade.  It go to the point where it tried to uninstall Workstation 14 and I lost RDP connection to my server.  I waited for a while but could not re-connect to the server either via RDP or share connects.  I had to force-reboot the server and all was well again, but I was left with a crippled Workstation 14 that will run the Nextcloud VM but the virtual network is corrupt and I cannot connect to the Nextcloud instance.  I've re-tried the Workstation 15 install and it tells me there is a pending update already in the works, so I try to let it run and I lose connection to the server once again.  I've since tried a 'Repair' and a full uninstall on the Workstation 14 with the exact same results.


    Just wondering if there was any manual install/uninstall items I could try to either a) Complete the upgrade to Workstation 15 or b) fix the networking in the Workstation 14 install.


    Thank you,


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    I have quite old processor (Intel core 2 duo) and recently I had to reinstall OS. Earlier I used VMware Workstation Player 12.5.7 and all worked fine. Now I need to run my virtual machines, but unfortunately can't do it, because new version (14.x and 15.x) of VMware Workstation Player can't be install (it requires new processor instructions).

    Is there way to download VMware Workstation Player 12.5.7 (linux mint, x64)?

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    Dear VMWare Community,


    The problem I'm going to bring up was observed on different hardware (e.g. X5650, 2700X, ThinkPad laptops) and software (host on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10) configurations. Machines that I typically use have 3 screens. 2 of them are dedicated to virtual machine and one to the host. Virtual machine is Windows Server 2012 R2 which is supposed to occupy two screens.


    It was all working fine (and still does after downgrade) up to VMWare Player 12.5.9/8 and problem started with 14.x series. At first I thought I would wait and it would probably go away with the next minor release but nothing like that happened and today we have 15.x with the same problem.


    The problem is about mouse pointer stability and occurs only when virtual machine is in multi screen mode. When I switch guest machine to single screen it seems to be working fine, but in the multi screen mode there are problems.The observable behavior is that from time to time (it does not completely prevents you from working with VM, it is rather annoying and considerably reduces your productivity):


    * the mouse pointer flickers without reason (especially when its shape is changing);

    * the mouse pointer disappears without reason (and does not reappear until mouse is moved);

    * the mouse pointer jumps to other location (I think it is usually 0,0 position but hard to tell, because it is invisible) and disappears (in this case usually to get the pointer back /moving your mouse does not help/ I have to first release focus from VM with Ctrl-Alt keys and click on the VM screen);

    * the mouse pointer jumps to some other location and you click something completely different than expected;


    Flickering and mouse pointer disappearance can be observed very easily in Total Commander (for example). Right click on a folder should display small progress bar for about 1s and then popup menu with a visible mouse cursor. When you try this on single screen (all versions) or multi screen mode with Player 12.5.8/9 it works perfectly well. Wen you try the same in multi screen mode with 14/15 you should see the difference. Progress bar flickering almost make is invisible and after popup menu is shown the mouse pointer is not visible. Of course this is not the only problem - just an example which would let you see what it is all (not all in fact because this case does not cover all the bullets mentioned above).


    Some extra facts:

    * does not occur in VMs running in single screen mode (even though the host machine can have more than one);

    * occurs on VMvare Player since 14.x (12.5.8/9 has no issues at all);

    * in all cases latest (matching installed VMWare Player version) VMWare Tools are installed in VM;

    * does not depend on guest VM internal settings like (interface or mouse pointer styles);

    * observed in different hardware configurations (computers and peripherals, e.g. mouse);

    * observed in a clean install environments (Host & VM, e.g. fresh Windows 2012R2 installed in VM + updates + VMWare Tools);

    * observed on Radeon & NVidia graphic cards with different drivers (over last year);


    I'd like to have it finally fixed (after over a year) because I'm stuck on 12.5.x versions. Please let me know if there are any extra details that I can provide and help to fix this mouse pointer stability problem.





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    Any place to change it?

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    As far as I have read the new Player version v14 has some more requirements for the used CPU.


    Does that mean that an Intel core i5-2400 Sandy bridge does not work with v14?


    That would mean VmWare player v12.5.7 is the last version for this kind of CPU.


    I experienced difficulties when installing the new v14.


    If v14 does not work I would have expected a warning popup: "CPU not supported for this Player version"

    ... but no warning appeared



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    There seems to be some confusion with this but will Will Workstation 14 or 15 run with i5-2400 Intel processor or not ?


    Thank you.

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