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    Whenever I move the mouse in or out of the guestOS window the NumLock ON/OFF indicator appears.


    How do I disable this NumLock indicator forever for this guestOS (or even better for all VMs)?


    I tried so far switching the keyboard option in guestOS BIOS to "Auto" but it did not help.


    I don't want to care about the current state of the NumLock key on my physical keyboard.


    Vmware should never show this annoying indicator any more. full stop!


    How can I achieve this?



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    I have a Fedora 20 system on which I installed vmware player 6.  When I run vmware I get a notice that modules need to be installed.  After entering the root password it fails on Virtual Network Device.


    This seems to be the right information in the logs, but I am still unsure of what is needed.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    2014-03-09T13:16:56.078-05:00| vthread-3| I120: Building module with command "/usr/bin/make -j8 -C /tmp/modconfig-NDDBkj/vmnet-only auto-build HEADER_DIR=/lib/modules/3.13.5-202.fc20.x86_64/build/include CC=/usr/bin/gcc IS_GCC_3=no"

    2014-03-09T13:16:57.371-05:00| vthread-3| W110: Failed to build vmnet.  Failed to execute the build command.


    # uname -r



    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi ,

    I downloaded vmware player and simulator for playbook.

    Now i am trying to run the simulator via vmplayer.

    But it is getting stuck after sometime. and not showing any playbook screen.


    Please help me out regarding this.

    PFA the log file and snapshot of the vmware player.

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    VMPlayer is very frustrating because whenever any other process on the host increase the CPU load, VMPlayer (vmware-vmx.exe) immediately spikes to match it. It is like a jealous child jumping up and down screaming look at me, look at me! Here’s some observations:


    • The guest’s CPU load spikes whenever this occurs
    • This happens regardless of the guests previous CPU load (it happens even if the guest was completely idle at ~1%)
    • This happens in Unity mode and non-Unity mode alike
    • The guest’s CPU load returns to normal once the host’s CPU load returns to normal (e.g., the spiking process ends)
    • Altering the affinity of the process on the host and/or vmware-vmx.exe can cause the load on the guest system to drop, but vmware-vmx.exe remains high

    This is very annoying because it renders VMPlayer useless in many cases since the host system can no longer be used for any tasks that put a load on the CPU because then VMPlayer’s load jumps to match which reduces the host’s CPU to half—for no reason. (I haven’t tested, but I’m sure that if multiple guests were running and one did something to use the CPU, then all of the others would spike to match.)

    This is a pretty critical bug that needs to be fixed.

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    Good day,


    Need some help, my VMPlayer for Win XP is not connecting to the network:

    • Host OS: Windows 2003 R2 Service Pack 2.
    • VMWare Player Version: 6.0.1
    • The VMWare Player running Win XP crashed last Friday:
      • I was not able to bring up the VM up again after several tries.
      • I updated the VMPlayer and Installed all Windows Updates for the Server.
      • The VM Machine was able to restart again but is not able to connect to the Network.
    • VMWare DHCP Service does not start.
    • The log is giving me these errors:

    2014-03-10T14:23:19.281-07:00| vmx| I120: VNET: MACVNetPort_Connect: Ethernet1: vmnet driver version does not match, expected 6, found 5

    2014-03-10T14:23:19.281-07:00| vmx| I120: TOOLS received request in VMX to set option 'synctime' -> '0'

    2014-03-10T14:23:19.281-07:00| vmx| I120: FILE: FileDeletionRetry: Non-retriable error encountered (C:\Documents and Settings\administrator.PLASTIFLEX_PMX\My Documents\My Virtual Machines\ProductionXP\ProductionXP.vmx~): The system cannot find the file specified (2)

    2014-03-10T14:23:19.328-07:00| vmx| I120: Msg_Post: Error

    2014-03-10T14:23:19.328-07:00| vmx| I120: [msg.vnet.connectvnet] Could not connect Ethernet1 to virtual network "VMnet0". More information can be found in the vmware.log file.

    2014-03-10T14:23:19.328-07:00| vmx| I120: [msg.device.badconnect] Failed to connect virtual device Ethernet1.

    2014-03-10T14:23:19.328-07:00| vmx| I120: ----------------------------------------


    Any ideas on what is causing this problem? Network adapter settings are saved in the attached file.


    Thak you!

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    please help me to get the passthrough of USB 3.0 devices to work. It worked perfect on my older mainboard but does not work on my new ASUS Z87-PRO mainboard ( Motherboards - Z87-PRO(V EDITION) ). It has Intel xHCI chipset on it and i'm using the default Microsoft drivers. The USB 3.0 devices just won't show up in the "Removable devices" menu. Do i need to install some specific driver for it to work? Or does it not work with the newser Intel chipsets?


    Thank you!

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    I am setting up a VM running a derivitive of RHEL 4. Graphics performance is really bad for X applications. The VM does not currently have VMware Tools installed. I am hoping by doing this that the graphics performance will improve.


    Where can I find the ISO images for VMware tools? If I try to select the option to install the tools it tries to download them. The host machine is not, and never will be, connected to internet.


    Am I able to manually download the ISO for the tools and manually install on my VM?

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    Unfortunately, yes, I'm new to all this.  I followed the set of directions on how to set up on a system without virtualization.  I had no problem setting up the virtual machine and starting it. It runs just fine.  But, then, the VMplayer asked me to install the tools.  I followed the instructions precisely on how to install the tools manually (because there was nothing automatic) in FreeBSD (from the official VMware site).  I logged on as a 'root', went into utilities and opened a terminal and entered the commands exactly as it says.  The first thing it says is to unpack the tools using a tar command.  It comes back as file/directory not found (and yes, I mounted the disk using the mount cmd).  I had set up 'temp', it read root, then tmp....(verbose) file/directory not found.  I even tried unpacking it outside of the terminal and then, following the rest of the directions.  I'm wondering if I just don't understand directories or something  Spent several hours reading and trying to figure this out and am brain-fried and lost.  I hope it's not something simple and I'm going to feel stupid...Any help?  Sorry if this seems disjointed, but I'm exhausted now...


    Is there a way to install tools from the host machine?

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    I get the following two errors whenever I start the vm (guest):

    No 3D support is available from the host.

    Hardware graphics acceleration is not available.


    Host: ubuntu 12.04 64bit

    Guest: windows7 64bit


    I spent days testing and I made sure that my host does support 3d and has hardware acceleration (details of the tests here: BBB-Solutions: How to check if Ubuntu (12.04) has 3D support )


    I also spent days reading other people having similar problem.  My only conclusion is that there is a bug in current version of vmware player.


    Anybody can help?  Should I switch to virtualbox ?

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    I started years ago using wmplayer on my ubuntu partition while having wm workstation set on the windows partition.

    After updating to ubuntu 10.x i noticed the message that 3d acceleration was not enabled and since then I never was able to get it working.

    No matter what the guest os is, never 3d acceleration runs in ubuntu, while it runs on windows host and used to work in ubuntu too. I have now updated ubuntu to 12.10 and still get no acceleration.


    So far I have figured out the problem residing in some misrecognized or unrecognized video chip ( INTEL 945GM/GMS and INTEL 943/940GMLExpress Integrated Graphic Controller Rev.3) in Ubuntu, but despite I found and applied me\any different corrections I still don't get the thing running.

    I added all possible ram and a fast ssd to my old notebook and it is still ways much faster than any new Lenovo thing of the same class, thus I will not give it up until it falls apart.

    Yet I need to have it supporting 3d acceleration on Ubuntu.

    I'll be happy to share any information (i.e. how to make an old X60 run faster than new boxes), test results, findings with who wants to help me out with this issue.



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    Windows 7 Ultimate/Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

    Intel Pentinum 4, 3.20 GHz - 64bit

    4 GB RAM

    VMWare versions 4 and 6



    When trying to install VMWare Player versions 4 or 6, I receive the error

    "VMWare requires features that are not present on your CPU."


    I have checked that it has the required specs as listed in the release notes, but I am unable to get either version installed.

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    For some Linux guestOS under Win hostOS I started the VmWare Tools download process.


    Surprisingly the download last for hours without observable progress. Yes, the Internet connection is alive.


    If I shutdown and restart  and click Manage-->Update Vmware Tools menu again a popup appears


    "Vmware Tools installer cannot be started until the current download finshes"


    So the download is pending forever?


    That would mean it is blocked forever?


    How can I really reset/abort the internal download process?



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  • 03/13/14--09:09: Boot device in Player
  • Hello --


    I just created a bootable  USB thumb drive and wanted to test it in VM via player -- I started up Player and entered into the  vBIOS --  I got to the boot menu  -- bit it seems that

    under "removal devices" is  just floppy disk ( I don't think that they are being made any more ) --


    Is there a way to set the vBIOS to boot from a USB device?



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    After updating my Windows 8 Pro system to 8.1 the two VMware Network Adapters (VMnet1 and VMnet8) are listed as "Unidentified network, Public network" "Access type: No Internet access". I've uninstalled VMware Player, reinstalled it, and done a repair install with no change.  The result is when I run one of my Windows VMs they cannot connect to my network or host PC.  For example, in a Windows 7 VM "Network and Sharing Center" the active network is shown as Public network and it's not underlined so I cannot change it to Private and enable sharing.


    I also noticed that several articles about 8.1 and this kind of problem suggest that you use the Modern Interface PC Settings to change the Network adapter to fix this problem but that lists only the host PC's network adapter, not the VMware adapters. It's as if 8.1 does not recognize or even allow control of the VMware adapters -- at least not when using the Modern GUI's Network Settings.




    vmware network issue.png

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    Hi I am trying to load a version of Websohere hypervisor which is a ovf format but it isnt working and I keep getting this error....


    " did not pass OVF specification conformance or virtual hardware compliance checks.

    Click Retry to relax OVF specification and virtual hardware compliance checks and try the import again, or click Cancel to cancel the import. If you retry the import, you might not be able to use the virtual machine in VMware Player."


    My understanding was that I needed to convert the ovf to vmx!


    I ve tried using the ovf tool to convert to .vmx but that also isnt working. I get the following error when trying to convert....

    "Error: Failed to open OVF descriptor"


    If anyone could shed some light that would be great,




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    Is it possible to convert an existsing XP mode installation into VMWare player 4.0?


    I have been using XP mode that came with my windows 7 for quite a while but wanted to move it over to VMware player for performance reasons.  I have done quite a bit of setup and installation of software over the time on the and realy would like to avoid having to reinstall everything from scratch.


    I tried the "Import Windows XP Mode VM" option from the file menu but that created a brand new VM without any of my software installed.


    I have also tried to use "vCenter Converter Standalone" to convert the VM but the converted VM instisted that I reactivate windows.  I tried the key in the xp mode directory I also tried a fully fledged XP key but both failed to reactivet it.


    Any suggestions would be appeciated.




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    I recently converted my old computer with Windows XP using VMware vCenter Converter into a VM. When I booted the system (in VMware of course), it asked me to activate Windows, but every time I try, it tells me that it cannot connect to the server. My network configuration is set to ''NAT'' and I have no way to verify if the problem is my VM's connection or it's problems with Microsoft server. I cannot log in without activating Windows and I don't know what to do. Please tell me what I can do.


    Thank you.

    (This is my first post in VMware forums and I'm sorry if i put this discussion in the wrong place)

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    I've setup my machine to develop/maintain some Rails apps.  And I've been encountering problems with the Shared Folder as the files seems not to sync properly between the host and the guest OS.  Below are the details of what I'm doing.  I've been finding a solution for weeks already.


    Host OS: Windows 8.1 Pro

    VMWare Player Version: 6.0.1 build-1379776

    Guest OS: Ubuntu 12.04.04 LTS

    WMWare Tools Version: (build-1378637)

    Shared folder is inside my Documents folder (Windows) and it is shared as Projects (Ubuntu).


    I'm doing edits and updates (edit and gits) in my host OS while I run it (Rails app) inside the guest OS.  At first boot, the files are synced properly but after a couple of edits, the file gets corrupted inside the guest OS.  Checking the file, it's either gets truncated or the file didn't show the updated edits.


    For now, every time I do edits (doing it in bulk), I restart the guest OS just get them synced again.


    I've been seeing this solution (Re: Slow/nonexistent sync for shared folders in VMWare Fusion 6.0.2) from different threads but the solution was for VMWare Fusion.


    I hope somebody can shed light in this.

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    Hi All,


    I am using vmware player where i have installed andriod kitkat OS in a VM,

    My andriod applications are working fine now the problem is the VM is not detecting my laptops webcam, due to which i'm not able to use few of the applications like wechat etc.


    Any idea, please advice.


    Thanks in Advance


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    Ich bin mit meinem Latein am Ende.


    Keine VMWare startet auf meinem Windows x64-Rechner. Weder neu erstellte noch welche von früher (genutzt mit VMWorkstation V6.x auf einem anderen PC).

    Der Fehler ist immer die Asset-Borma 1379776 Meldung aus dem Titel. Es lief somit noch keine einzige VMware auf diesem Rechner.


    VMWare Player V6.1 (aktueller Build)


    Der Rechner ist neu aufgesetzt (x64, Windows 7 Professional), lediglich der Trend Office Virenscanner wurde installiert (und natürlich der VMPlayer). Den Virenscanner habe ich zwischenzeitlich auch einmal deaktiviert ohne Änderung des Inhalts des Log-Files.

    Das Log-File ist das erste Starten nach dem Erstellen einer neuen VMWare Windows 7 Professional X32.


    Rechte sind OK, die Verzeichnisse haben zwischenzeitlich "Jeder" zugriff.  VMPlayer wurde zwischenzeitlich auch explizit als Admin installiert bzw. als Admin ausgeführt.


    Wenn Ihr mir helfen könnt die VMWare zum laufen zu bringen wäre ich dankbar.



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