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  • 02/16/16--14:03: vcpu-0 Unrecoverable Error
  • I am attempting to install Windows 95 OSR2.5 on VMWare Workstation Player 12. I have it configured with 64MB of RAM and 1 processor core with VT-x disabled. When I tried to boot the virtual machine, I received an error:


    [msg.log.error.unrecoverable] VMware Player unrecoverable error: (vcpu-0) [msg.panic.haveLog] A log file is available in "/home/charlie/vmware/Windows 95 OSR2.5/vmware.log".


    Attached is my log file. Hopefully I can receive assistance informally in the forums.

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    Hi Everyone.


    I just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing the behavior that I am suddenly experiencing.


    For some time now I have been using the Import XPMode function in VMware Player and suddenly it stopped working on my laptop that I cart around with me.  I will test new applications, etc in an XPmode import, and eventually if that VM gets to run down from testing poorly written software, or I need to start clean, I just delete the VM and perform a new XPMode import.  When I got home rather than waste more time trying to get my Iaptop copy working I simply imported XPMode on my home machine and everything worked fine, this was last Friday. I spent most of today attempting to fix my laptop, removing XPMode, Windows Virtual PC, VMware Standalone Converter, and VMware one at a time, restarting and reinstalling each component and still the XPMode import fails with:


    "Failed in import "Windows XP Mode""


    That's the only message I get.  Now I have gone back to my home machine and went to perform a clean import and received the same message.  I would think this was just something going on with my laptop but now on my desktop too?  These are both running copies for Version 6 (6.0.5 on one and 6.0.4 on the other).


    XP Mode itself, the Windows copy is working without problems on these machines.  I haven't notice but perhaps there was some update pushed out to Windows 7 just recently that is breaking the import function.  I will have to take a look later when I have some time to see if any new updates were installed recently...


    Anyone else also experiencing this?  Anyone able to resolve the problem?


    Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post!


    Update: I have checked the Windows update history on each machine and the only recent updates were Security Essentials definitions updates. I don't think those updates are causing this problem. =(


    Can anyone tell me if there is a limitation on the number of XPMode imports you are allowed to do with VMware Player?


    Update 2: 04/01/2015 This turned out to be a file permissions problem on both machines.  I am not sure what caused either permissions problem or what file or files specifically had a problem.


    On one machine I was having a problem with one of my apps that starts via the start menu startup folder, in that it suddenly stopped loading with Windows.  A quick Google search indicated it could be a permission problem with the file that was attempting to be started.  I knew there was a File Permission repair option in - Windows Repair All in One tool so I used that one function to repair file permissions on the entire drive.  Coincidentally it also fixed the Import XP Mode function in VMware player.  Repeated this step on the second machine after accidentally stumbling upon the solution on the first machine and it worked like charm there too. 


    Its a little scary to know that I suddenly developed file permissions problems on both my machines right around the same time but I am glad to have this function working again (no malware or other compromises found on either machine).  Hope if anyone else encounters this problem this thread will save them some time.


    This can be closed or marked answered.  Thanks to all who took the time to read my post.

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    I remember in VMWare Player 7 when running a W2K guest, I used to be able to define a shortcut on the host that would go straight to a particular program on the guest.  In order to define said shortcut, I had to enter unity mode.


    Now in VMWare Player 12, W2K can no longer enter unity mode (by design).  So there is no way for me to define a shortcut.  Is there any workaround to allow me to define the shortcut?


    Would it be so difficult have the player accept a command line argument for this?

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    I'm quite new on the virtual system and linux environment. Could anyone helped me on my issue below?


    I have a virtual system installed using VMware workstation 12. It works very well, until the upgrade of Ubuntu this morning.

    I've no idea what the upgrade installed.

    After the requested rebooting, the VMware windows always stopped a whole black page.

    Before everything blacked out, there was a few messages which I think they should be helpful to target the issue here.

    reboot message.png

    It said:

    SMbus Host Controller not enabled!

    No valid rapl domains found in package 0


    Thank you very much for your help!



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    Hello. I am using VM Player 3. My host machine is Windows 7 and VM is Oracle Linux 5. I need to expand the Virtual Hard Disk of Oracle Linux 5 from 100GB to 150GB. When I click on VM > Settings > Hard Disk > Utilities > Expanding...

    The error message comes up:


    There is not enough space on the file system for the selected operation.


    Based on my understanding, we must have enough room to store original Virtual hard disk plus the expanded Virtual hard disk.

    This means the free space on Host needs to be 100GB + 150GB = 250GB


    The total size of the hard disk of Host Windows 7 is 284 GB. The VM already occupies 100GB of 284GB. The maximum free space is 184GB minus space to boot OS. This means I cannot expand the 100GB Virtual Hard Disk to 150GB.


    But I have to expand the Virtual Hard Disk ! I don't know whether there are some other ways to expand Virtual Hard Disk.


    My question is:

    Can folk understand some ways to expand Virtual Hard Disk from 100GB to 150GB while the Host Hard Disk is only 284GB ? 



    Thanks in advance.

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    I've noticed this for some time now and am just getting around the forum to ask about it.


    Whenever I suspend of shut down a guest OS, the Workstation Player also shuts down and must be restarted.


    I would like to leave it running in case I want to start up a different OS or even the same one in case I was shutting it down to do a fresh cold start for some reason.

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    Hi Folks


    So I was using the workstation version for a month the internet browsing in VM was fantastic (same as the host) in terms of speed. Then, once I changed to the VMWare player version the internet browsing is at least 2x slower than the host even sites like google takes 30 seconds-1Min to load. The ping looks like the following


    VM (128 TTL response)



    Host (50 TTL response)



    I'm using NAT for the adapter the only thing which has changed is from moving from the full workstation product to just the player which I downloaded of the website yesterday so using the latest version. I can also confirm the host isn't struggling. Core I7 CPU with 8GB memory.




    I tried the bridge connection but all those options broke the internet connection within the VM.


    Even with NAT if you hover over adaptor it says no internet connection though there is one?




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    I want to make use of shared folders.

    My host system is windows 7. I have installed the current workstation player 12 there.

    My guest shall be Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I downloaded latest ISO from Ubuntu website (Desktop edition).

    I am able to install Ubuntu and to use it basicallly.

    Also clipboard is working great.

    But I am not able to get shared folders working,

    The workstation player is installing the guest ubuntu via easy install. It shows it were installing open vm ware tools.

    When trying to overinstall vmware tools via VM-> install vmware tools (which mounts a dvd) it tells me that open vm ware tools were installed and vm ware is not going to remove or install anything.

    When checking google for support, I only find sites which describe the use of original vm ware tools installed from disc.

    But vmWare recommends to use open vm ware tools.

    Other sides handling this mostly are not referring windows as host system.

    I still asked on an ubuntu forum there they told me it were a windows problem, I dont know.

    Thats why I now ask here.

    What instructions should I follow to get shared folders from "Windows 7" host to "Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Desktop" guest working

    with VMWare Worksation PLayer 12 which uses easy install and installs open vm ware tools.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello VMware community,


    I have a brand new physical host with 64GB RAM running workstation player 12.1.0; I successfully moved and loaded my .vmdk files from my old host, but when I check settings>memory of my windows server x64 VM instance, I run into my first issue:  the maximum memory that I can allocate is 32GB (I'd like to push this close to 50+GB on occasion). With player 12.1, I'm supposed to get a technical max of 64GB if the host can support it [link here], which it can.  I suspect (?) its because the version of this VM instance is workstation 6.5-7.x virtual machine.  Here's my second issue:  I have no way of updating this 6.5-7.x version... according to documentation [link here] I should be simply able to find a magic "UpgradeorChangeVersion"button, but this feature has eluded me.  Two further notes that may or may not be helpful:  1) settings>options>vmware tools is set to update automatically; the version of the tools on the VM instance is: 10.0.5  2)  I don't recall, but I may have installed workstation player 12.1.0 just before I added two additional 16GB sticks to total 64GB (it was a new build; its a multi-night blur).  Although the host recognizes the 64GB of RAM, is it possible that player set a static 32GB RAM threshold based on the host's RAM at the time?

    My goal is to increase the RAM past 32GB, but I would also like to upgrade/update the VM instance.  I believe I'll need to do both.  If you could offer assistance, I would appreciate it.

    Thanks, Jason

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    Hello. I am using VMPlayer 3. Host machine is Windows 7 and Guest Virtual machine is Oracle Linux 5.


    My F drive external device is Western Digital: WD-MyBook 4TB whose Model WDBFJK0040 HBK-NESN  SKU 1766068.

    This device is basically a backup disk in F Drive.


    Because Host machine hard disk space is not enough any more, I copied the Virtual Machine Oracle Linux 5 from Host machine Windows 7 C Drive to F Drive. Then I run  Oracle Linux 5 from the external device.


    First time,  I boot  F Drive VM Oracle Linux 5 operating system successfully while the OS  cannot search files, Oracle Database Listener is not working.


    Second time, F Drive Operating System Oracle Linux 5 cannot boot any more.


    A year ago, I copied Virtual Machine Windows Server 2003 from Host machine Windows 7 to another Western Digital 500GB F Drive. I run F Drive VM Windows Server 2003 correctly.


    It seems that not all Operating Systems can be run from F Drive.


    My question is:

    Does the device "Western Digital: WD-MyBook 4TB  Model WDBFJK0040 HBK-NESN" run Virtual Machine correctly ?


    Thanks in advance.

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    I created a Windows 7 VM from a physical PC. I "play" it on a Windows 10 host via VMware Workstation 12 Player, log in to the guest, and then click the "Install Tools" button in Player. I see this error message:


    "The virtual machine needs to have a virtual CD/DVD device to install VMware Tools."


    Okay, so I shut down the guest which also terminates the Player, run Player again, select the VM, and click "Edit virtual machine settings." On the Hardware tab, I click the Add button, select "CD/DVD Drive," click Next, select the "Use ISO image" radio button (because I assume that's what the error message means by "virtual CD/DVD"), and click Next, Then I'm prompted for an ISO image. And that's the Catch 22--the error message indicates that Player just needs a virtual device, not an ISO, but when I attempt to add a virtual device, Player wants an ISO.


    How can I break this cycle and install VMware Tools?

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    I have  VMWare Player 7.1.0 running on a Win7-64 Pro host. Just installed Ubuntu 64 Desktop 14 LTS as a Guest. It has some version of VMWare Tools installed but it says I need an upgrade.


    When I try to install VMWare Tools 9.9.2, I get the following error every time:

    Corrupt file received from update server. Check your network connectivity and try again later. If problem persists, contact administrator.


    I also tried File->Preferences->Download All Components Now. That worked for the other tools (Netware, Solaris, etc) but failed for Linux and Windows.


    The primary things I want to get working are AutoResizing of Guest and copy/past between host and guest.


    Thanks in advance for helping me get this fixed.





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    Re: VMWare Workstation Player 12.1  When I start a virtual machine using VMWare-KVM I am continually presented with the 'Press pause to switch among virtual machines and the host - do not show hint again' message box. I have tried ticking 'do not show hint again' but this has no effect. I have tried deselecting from VMWare-KVM --preferences. Again no effect. I imagine there is a line I can add to ...\roaming\VMWare\preferences.ini that will disable this. Does anybody know what the format for this would be?


    Thanks  PBreeze

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                       Iam new to the VMware and when i start the VMware system then my pc and VMware both is getting hangged and working very slowly.


    please anybody tell me how to solve this.




    thanks ,


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    Using VMWare Player 7.1.3 build-3206955

    Host: Windows 7 Home Premuim

    Guest: Windows 10 Insider Preview

    Each time W10 Insider Preview is updated to the latest build, host shared folders are no longer accessible. The shared folder settings are preserved but shared folder not visible after updates.

    Is this a bug or expected behaviour?

    I have found a solution but it's time consuming:-

    Completely uninstall VMWare Tools (Modify or Repair options don't work).

    Restart Windows 10.

    Re-install VMWare Tools.

    Restart Windows 10.

    Original shared folder settings now work as expected.

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    Hello everyone,


    First, let me be cheerful with you VMWare for adding more and more features into the free version VMWare Workstation Player (formerly Player) ;


    Then, let me report some annoying and ridiculous bug, as well as improvement ideas for Player 12 when, like me, you don't have local admin rights on your professional workstation:

    * Device modification: from the UI you need admin rights to add a device...but you can actually add one directly in the vmx file...

    * UI: please, bring the "View > Fit Guest Now, and Fit Window Now" from Workstation to Player. I always have to manuall minimize then maximize the window to have non-full-screen fitted view...


    Thank you for reading my complaint and willing to fix in the next version.


    More bugs to be reported soon

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    How do I install NVIDIA video drivers into a WIN 7 VM setup on the free VM workstation?  When I try to run the driver installation package I get an error that there is no supported hardware even though the video card is installed and works in the WIN 10 host.




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    I have been having an issue logging into a VMWare instance running windows 7 using VMWare Player.  When I try to send Alt + Ctrl + Delete using all known methods (Button, Drop down menu option and Alt + Ctrl + Insert).  When I click those options nothing happens.  Expected behavior is for the password prompt to open.


    The instance is not locked as I can click the help button with the mouse on the Win7 "Please Hit Alt + Ctrl + Del" screen.  I know the keyboard is connecting as when I reboot I get an option to enter safe mode using the keyboard.  Safe mode has the same issue.  Alt + Ctrl + Del does nothing.


    I even tried re-creating the VMWare instance using version 7 of the converter (this fixed a problem for me in the past) and it did not fix the issue.  I have tried everything I can think of at the moment.  I appreciate any suggestions.  Thank you!


    edit by wila moved from VMware Fusion® (for Mac) to VMware Player

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    I have a VM with 3 Hard Disk on my windows PC


    When I tried to compact it the following error message is dsiplayed.

    the specified virtual disk needs repair



    Version of VMware Player :

    6.0.7 build-2844087

    VMware® Player


    Can you please hel me?


    Thank you


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    Hi; I am running Windows 7, 64 Bit OS. I am experiencing the following error message: "Error while powering on: The operation was canceled by the user" when I attempt to power up my VMWare Player from a "Suspended" state. It works fine until then.



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