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    A couple of years ago I asked this question already without satisfying solutions.

    Maybe this function is included in the meantime,

    So may I ask again:


    After starting, work and exit of a VM (under Win 7 hostOS) I found lots of cache files in subfolder "caches".


    Is there a way to tell VMware player to automatically cleanup them when exiting the VM (or Vmware player)?


    Is there at least a way to move the cache folder to another directory (e.g. the win 7 system default temp directory C:\temp\)


    I could imagine that a paramter is now included in *.vmx file for these purposes



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    Assume I don't want to let VMware Workstation/Player do the job and install VmWare Tools but do it manually by myself.


    So at first I need a download page where I can get ALWAYS the newest VMWare Tools ISO packages.

    Again: I am NOT searching for an URL which shows the CURRENT newest Tools package but a more general, generic URL which points always (even in the future)

    to the newest package.


    When I go for example to:



    then this download URL is outdated since the newest Tools package is (at least v10.0.5

    Unfortuantely I found no further link on the given webpage above to the NEWEST webpage.


    It must be something like



    or similar.

    I am particularly interested in the original Ü*.iso files and not an *.exe package


    Can someone help me?


    Thank you


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    I installed two Windows 10 Insider Builds 14959 (32 and 64 bit) with VMware Player 12. In both systems are under "Removable Devices" no USB devices displayed.There are only CD/DVD (SATA), Netword Adapter, Printer and Sound Card to find.


    The USB-drivers are included in the settings, and in the vmx-files all relevant entries stand on "TRUE". The Player himself is installed under Windows 10 Pro 1607 (64 bit), and the VMwareTools are up to date. What can I do to integrate the USB devices?



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    I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 with a Windows 7 guest OS. When I try to use Windows Update, it never works. The guest OS's internet connection works, just not Windows Update. I get the message "an error occurred while checking for new updates for your computer. Error(s) found: Code 80072f76 Windows encountered an unknown error."

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    I have been using VMware Player (free) since version 6 and frequently run two VMs concurrently with no problem.  In the comparison of Workstation Player and Workstation Pro on this page, it indicates that Workstation Player will NOT run multiple VMs at one time:


    VMware Workstation for Windows: Multiple Operating Systems Linux, Windows 8 & More


    I find that step backwards hard to believe.

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    I tried to import GNS3 VM file to VMware Player 12.5. I've got this error


    Log is in the attachment.

    Does anyone have solution for this?

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  • 11/10/16--06:37: Using an bootable partition
  • I'm a Linux snob.  Recently my laptop died and I ended up with a new one that came with MS Windows 10.  I shrunk the C drive, 50-50 and installed Ubuntu and here we are.  I can shutdown, start, select door #1 or door #2.  What I'd like to do is run Linux and on the rare occasion run Vmplayer and bring up W10.

    So the question is:  how do / can I create a new VM and use /dev/sda1 (w10)?


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    /Hi, can anybody help me to solve this?


    I have tried different versions, the errors are the same:


    VMware Player unrecoverable error: (vcpu-0)  vcpu-0:VERIFY vmcore/vmm/main/cpuid.c:382 bugNr=1036521  A log file is available in "C:\Users\run20\Documents\Virtual Machines\Oracle11g\vmware.log". 

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    I am using VMware Workstation 9.0.4 build-1945795 and having an issue with "Map Virtual Disks". I have tried to map a virtual disk on windows server 2008 r2, windows server 2008, windows 7, windows xp,windows 2000, windows 98 and DOS 6.22. I have went to File - Map Virtual Disks and get "Failed to initialize library for mounting and unmounting virtual disks" everytime I try to map no matter what OS for virtual machine. Some have snapshot while others do not this is a mix of 64 bit and 32 bit virtual machines. My system is Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit. What am I missing here because if there is a feature available on the menu you would seem to expect it to actually work on something.

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    I'm willing to pay for a win 10 licence to create a new virtual machine in my workstation 12 player, what's the simplest way to do that ?

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    Hello. My new computer host machine is Windows 10. I am running VMware workstation Player 12.5.

    I have just copied the folder of a VM Guest machine Windows XP from another computer host Windows 7 to the new computer Windows 10.


    In the host machine Windows 10, internet is working successfully, but the guest machine Windows XP cannot connect with Internet.

    If the guest machine Windows XP is created in host Windows 10, the VM is automatically set up in host machine Network center.

    The VM is connected with internet automatically.


    Because the VM guest Windows XP is copied from another computer host Windows 7, the VM is not in host Windows 10 network center. I think we need to add the VM into host Windows 10 network center manually. But I don't know how to do it. It seems that VMware Player 12.5 doesn't install Network Adapter in Windows 10.


    My question is:

    How to have VM guest Windows XP connect with internet in host Windows 10 ?


    Thanks in advance.

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    I have a problem with VMware® Workstation 12 Player 12.5.1 build-4542065.


    I use Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit and Qt 5.7 with OpenGL.


    I created a simple project with OpenGL.

    The project crashes in run-time with an error message "VMware: vmw_ioctl_command error Invalid argument.".


    If I turn off "3D graphics/Accelerate 3D graphics" then the error dissapear, but it works very slow. It isn't the solution.


    Any help appreciated!


    Thanks in advance!


    Regards, Maksim

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    I have a windows 10 host OS where I have installed vmware workstation 12 player. I have an Xubuntu as a guest OS (virtual machine).


    The complication is: the text is too small in guest OS and almost unreadable.


    The steps that I have already taken to rectify the problem are given below:


    1. I have already installed vmware tools (which is confirmed by hovering on Manage -> Reinstall vmware tools).

    2. I have tried to manually set the resolution in the vmware before starting the virtual machine (by manually changing it to 640 by 480 and then to other settings).

    3. In vmware workstation 12 player, i cannot see the stretch the guest OS but I have tried to stretch the guest desktop in the guest OS.


    Note: I am using DELL XPS 15 with 4k UHD.


    Any help in this regard is highly appreciable. If I am unable to explain anything please let me know, I can provide more details.

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  • 10/18/13--01:29: Unrecoverable error (svga)
  • Hi folks


    I'm experiencing some problems with my VMs. For testing purposes of my application (Modify images with Pixelshaders) I've set up a Vista, a Win7, and Win8 VM. But as soon as i launch my app, VMware Player crashes with an unrecoverable error (svga). See attached image.


    Unrecoverable error (svga)

    Exception 0xc0000005 (access violation) has occured.


    My host system: Windows 7 x64

    Videocard. Nvidia Quadro FX580

    Driver: latest recommended Nvidia driver (320.92)


    I can disable graphic acceleration in VM settings for solving the issue, but this way I loose all my graphic capabilities inside the VM.

    On other hardware (ATI graphics) everything works fine, so I suppose it's a Nvidia specific issue.


    Any suggestions are appreciated.



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    My ubuntu 14.04 VM isn't seeing the entire disk for some reason. If I go into the "virtual Machine Settings" and go to the disk, here's what it says:



    Current size: 3.9 GB

    System free: 373.2 GB

    Maximum size: 20 GB


    But when I go into ubuntu and look in the system monitor, it says that I have a total of 4.2 GB, used 3.7GB and only have 207.5MB free.


    This clearly isn't right. What's going on? This basically means my VM is unusable for all intents and purposes.


    My host OS is Windows 10.



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    Suddenly, hard drive is full and the VM is no longer working.  Says ourfile.vmx is not a valid configuration file although it was working fine.  I think the .vmx file must be corrupt and has filled up my hard drive but I have no idea what to do or how to fix it.  I'm using VM player 5.0.2.  Can anyone help me?

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    When I go (under Win 7) to directory:




    then there are a couple of sub-directories. Two of them or of particular interest:


    VMware Player
    VMware Workstation


    Since Vmware renamed a couple of month ago VMware Player into VMware Workstation player the first subdirectory is deprecated.
    So only VMWare Workstation is active.



    In both of the subdirectories mentioned above two files are stored:




    Whats the difference?


    Third question:
    Are all parameters for *.vmx files valid for these two files as well?



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    I am just asking if anybody who runs VMplayer can use that feature?


    how to check:


    inside windows VM go to Start > Default Programs > Set default program > Chose "Default Host Application" to open http/https URLs


    then open any application inside VM for example Outlook with any external URL and click on that URL, (or just run this in CMD window: C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Tools>VMwareHostOpen.exe --url


    there should be 2 options:


    1) URL will be opened in default browser on your Host Machine

    2) you will get error like: "Make sure the virtual machine's configuration allows the guest to open host applications"


    please give me your results with guest and host OS you are running, thanks!

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  • 11/15/16--09:50: Networking Questions
  • The host OS is Windows 7 HOME edition, 64 bit, and I have VMWare Workstation 12 Player installed running Win XP as the virtual machine.


    I am not having success getting my network printer to connect to the virtual machine. It is a HP 8600. Printer setup on the XP machine asks for an IP address for the printer but (as far as I can tell) there is none.


    I also would like to know if I can get the host OS to detect the contents of the virtual OS, and vice versa. Win 7 HOME apparently does not have network support, I think?

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    Hello. I have just downloaded VMware Workstation 12.5.1 Player (the file is VMware-player-12.5.1-4542065.exe). I have installed this file in Windows 10. I have chosen the free version for non-commercial use.  But this file doesn't install any Virtual Switch in Windows 10.


    VMware Workstation Player should install the virtual switches "VMnet0", "VMnet1" and "VMnet8" for configuring network Bridged, Host-only and NAT. I run the command "ipconfig" in Windows 10 as below:


    C:\user\MyName> ipconfig

    Its output:

    Ethernet adapter Ethernet 2:

    Media State: Media Disconnected

    Connection-specific DNS Suffix:


    Wireless LAN adapter Local Area Connection *2:

    Media State: Media Disconnected

    Connection-specific DNS Suffix:


    Ethernet adapter Bluetooth Network Connection:

    Media State: Media Disconnected

    Connection-specific DNS Suffix:


    Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi:

    Media State: Media Disconnected

    Connection-specific DNS Suffix: domain.actdsltmp


    Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface:


    As you see the output above, there is no any virtual switch VMnet0, VMnet1 and VMnet8.


    My questions are:

    1) Does the downloaded file  VMware-player-12.5.1-4542065.exe  free version for non-commercial use have a problem ?

    2) How to have VMnet0, VMnet1 and VMnet8 come up in Windows 10 so that we can configure the network for Guest machines ?


    Thanks in advance.

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