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  • 11/14/14--02:23: Groups & subs
  • Hi,


    after some tests I realized that groups don't have any kind of hierarchy.
    For example I'd like a public group Sales and inside some privates (or other public) sub-groups













    But actually for now to make differences betwen groups which could have the same name (eg. "France") I made this :


    Sales (public)
    Sales : France (pvt)

    Sales : Europe (pvt)
    Sales : Europe : North (pvt)
    Sales : Europe : West (pvt)
    Sales : USA (public)


    Marketing (public)
    Marketing : France (pvt)

    Marketing : Europe (pvt)
    Marketing : Europe : North (pvt)
    Marketing : Europe : Wet (pvt)
    Marketing : USA (public)


    Am I right/wrong ?
    Is there anything I didn't understand in managing groups ?
    Or this kind of functionnality is simply not available (now & later)  ?

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  • 11/14/14--02:55: Creating user
  • I'm on a free version of SocialCast.

    I'm just beginning to creat our community.
    Something I don't clearly understand as an administrator : I can invite people to become members, but I can't simply create profiles with everything already filled (name, position, picture, email, temporary pwd...) so that when ready I just have to say them : "ok you can connect with your email + temporary pwd"
    So I have to invite people one by one (or by grouping email) and them go and see everyone to configure their accounts.


    Did I miss something in the process ?



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    Testing intensively SocialCast everyday I noticed something about notifications like some desynchronisation.


    1) a SC page is opened in my computer web browser

    2) SC is installed on my Android device (running in background)


    I always have notifications pending on my mobile phone, but for a reason that I can't explain clearly some doesn't appear on in the notification icon on my computer.
    And I only receive notifications when somebody post me a pvt msg and/or if I'm quoted in a comment.
    I thought, for example, that if I started any conversation in any group, projet I would be notified (not only by email) about every comment written then. Same thing if I comment post and someone comment this post after me.
    A kind of Facebook behaviour.


    Is it a normal behaviour ? Is it because I ticked every checkbox in email notifications so that I only receive emails and not real-time notification on the web ? Is it something else ?


    It appears quite important to me, since I follow many groups and many people, I realize that I miss some conversations if I don't check my emails... which is not the opposite goal to get when having a tool like SC :-)



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  • 11/18/14--06:29: Time format
  • hi,


    just a little comment about French and time format : now it's written in non-french format (0:00-12:00 a.m./p.m.) whereas in France we use a 24 hour time format (0h00 - 24h00)

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  • 11/18/14--02:26: Deleting an external group
  • I created an external testing group.
    Now I'd like to remove it... but I can't.
    However I'm the only user left, I'm Admin, there's no discussion, no file left... What's the point ?
    I join you a picture (sorry it's in the French version), where you can see that the "delete group" is not in the sub-menu.
    What can I do but archiving it ??




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    Building a community on Socialcast, and I am a Chrome browser user.  The bookmarklet bar doesn't work for my version of Chrome - I do not see any pop up blockers or other issues.


    Let me know what are my next steps (other than using Firefox of Safari).

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    I often have a look at many differents projects and what I like at first is to get a complete sight of tasks: which are done and which left to do.

    So I choose the option "Active > ALL" ("Actif > Tout" in French). But the problem is that this option is not recorded in my profile: when I leave the project for another one, the option doesn't remain.

    So it would be nice if either for my entire profile I could choose which option I prefer by default either (and much better) if for every project I could choose which option I prefer.

    At last, THE option would be to be able, as an administrator, to choose which option readers/members will saw at first read, then they would be able to change it if they want.


    And of course, just for pleasure, and like everyone here, Objectives, Sub-Objectives, Tasks and Sub-Tasks, Projects, Sub-Projects would be so nice to get !!
    And, at last, why not, let's dream... being able to move/copy an objective from a project to another one :-)

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  • 11/21/14--04:08: Printing Projects
  • Sometimes, for any reason, I would need to print tasks in my projects.
    But for now it looks very ugly and totally unexploitable.


    So printing options would be very useful :
    - printing only the tasks & objectives lists
    - printing task one by one withe detailed comments (or at least the first one if it describes the task more precisely)


    Well it is only some ideas, but I think this option could interest some people using your tool.
    You PDF export for comments is great, and for example can be used in PowerPoint presentation.
    Exporting Projects/Tasks in this way could be a way to use them.

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    When users upload a profile picture, we often see the bottom half grayed-out.  They crop it differently or change it in some way and eventually get one that works.  What causes this?  I've tried experimenting with file sizes but can't find any correlation.  Thanks!

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    As an admin, is there any way to automatically include members within certain groups without having them accept an invitation?

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  • 12/04/14--06:19: Inviting people one by one
  • I have read that sync is only available with paid version through LDAP.

    However I didn't find a way to invite people to a group or a project other than typing @and... then @bob... then @char... and so on
    So when I invite people I must check that I don't forget anybody and sometimes SCast react slowly and doesn't display every people containing a letter or a group of letters so I miss some
    Wouldn't it be possible, without any matter of LDAP, to get a simple list from the whole organization's members with a checkbox beside. Then click on the box : this one ok, that one no and so on, so that we can invite a group of people in one shot ?

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    An employee attempted to send a private message to another employee. The following error message was received:


    Email is invalid and Email not supported email domain; contact an admin to invite.


    The person initiating the invite is able to send and receive private messages from other users.


    Please Help!

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    I tried deleting the app, downloading it again, powering iPhone on and off, nothing works.  Content won't load.  Halp?



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    I am trying to use external system (business system) to post message. Then I noticed I cannot find somewhere to set the password (also refer as "secret key" as in "POST /api/external_systems/authentication")


    In another thread, it was mentioned: "For provisioning we created what is called an external system, but this only currently works with the provisioning end point.If you go to admin settings => provisioning => "Enable provisioning via external system" you can see the feature"


    What is a "provisioning end point"? Is it a paid feature?




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    I've been trying SocialCast for a week and spread it around some of my colleagues to see if it fits to our needs.

    I was wondering if there is a way (or a future implementation) to get a share calendar available for the whole users (or restrain to groups) so that everyone who needs can knows what are the next events, who is in office or in the field, who is on vacation... ?


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    Hi, I m trying to save the user localization setting and notification setting for a particular user but it is not getting saved, can anybody tell the reason for the same.

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    Mention auto fill function doesn't work under Mac environment.

    SocialCast try to find in vain.

    Does anyone have this same trouble?  Is there any solution?




    OS X 10.9.5

    Safari 7.1.2

    Iron (Chromium) 37.0.2000.0



    OS X 10.10.1

    Safari 8.0.2

    Iron (Chromium) 37.0.2000.0

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  • 12/12/14--13:54: How to delete a Community
  • I want to remove a free community completely. I also want to make sure, that no data is kept at VMWare of the community members. Does anybody know, how to do that?

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    Hi there!

    Is it possible to change the @... for direct notifications?

    I would like to change @conchipizzuto to @adminsocialcast.


    First I thought I would use companies' address both for personal use and admin purpose.

    Now I would like to use two accounts. One for admin purpose only, and one for regular and personal use to interact as a normal user.


    Thanks in advance!

    Warm regards,


    Conchi Pizzuto

    Toon Hermans Huis Maastricht

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    In our company we use different groups to discuss about different subjects. But sometimes people post updates or ideas in the wrong group so i have to ask them to delete an re-post their update / idea in the right group. I think it would be a really nice feature to be able re-asign / change the group of an update or idea.


    As a community manager i see this very useful to improve business communications.

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