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    When I set my notification setting, I found there are two notifications, they are


    And I think I can just type something like "request review @employee" in streams.


    But it doesn't work.


    So, if I want my employee to review something, how do I do?

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  • 01/07/15--11:06: Feature SSO Socialcast
  • Hi all,


    I am implementing sso on socialcast but i am having errors.


    I have read the socialcast information about the configuration single sign on but aren't solving the error.


    Where can i see the logs.

    Has anyone implemented the feature?


    Attach the message error.





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    I'm working on a web app and I'd like to authenticate to SocialCast via OAuth2. I emailed with the request, but I got a reply directing me to this forum that seemed automated. What's the current process for registering a client? I'm a VMware employee, and the intention is for this tool to be used strictly internally at VMware.




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    Why can´t I create projects and tasks into a External Group?

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    Can I use the same email address in more than one community? How?

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    How do I delete or take ownership of a project when the project leader has left the organization?

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      Apparently 2 people signed up at one time to this service but have long left the company. Is there any way I can remove them? Or do you guys have to do it?



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    How to include multiple groups while posting a message. I've tried like below, but it didn't work.




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  • 02/12/15--15:18: Custom Streams
  • Is anyone else having issues with their Custom Streams in SocialCast? We used to get emails from these when we had them setup, but within I am not sure the last month or so, we aren't getting the emails to our email inboxes anymore.


    We use the hashtags, to set up Custom Streams for #helpwanted. However, we aren't getting those emails anymore, so we never know in our company when someone needs help or not.


    If anyone can please help me with this issue that would be great. We really need to get this resolved asap. We just realized it yesterday and had no idea other people were having the same issue.


    Thank you,

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    Hi There,


    I’m currently exploring SocialCast as a possible intranet for my organization.  Everything looks good so far but there is one feature that’s documented on your FAQ that doesn’t seem to be working.


    The feature I’m trying to use is email-directly-to-group.  The FAQ on your website says this is possible by getting the specific group email as shown here:




    However in my trial Socialcast community I don’t see the link in the side of the group.  Here is a screenshot:




    Is this feature still a part of socialcast?  Is there a setting I need to change somewhere in order to enable this feature?


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    My company's name was rebranded at the beginning of 2015. Email adresses have changed.

    I can't invite new employees with their new email adress.

    How can I do ?

    Thank you for your help

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  • 03/12/15--10:24: How to change the URL?
  • Hi I'd like to change the URL of my comunity so other members can use it, I saw that you only change it in the premium accounts but I don't have enough members that will use it now, we are trying it and may consider the purchase if it works for us.

    If its not possible, can I delete the comunity attached to my mail so I can create a new one?


    Thank you very much for your help in advanced.

    Best Regards,


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  • 03/18/15--02:53: No invitation email
  • We are trying to invite a new colleague but there was a problem with his email account when we first sent the invitation. Now we can't invite him anymore as that email address was already invited and when he tries to sign up himself, he never receives the email. Is there any way to resend the activation email?

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    When I use the following API call; I get an error 400 from Curl. This is not working. Kindly let me know how to use this. I even tried with my own socialCast endpoint instead of the demo one; using my credentials. It still gives the 400 error


    curl -k -X POST -v --basic -u ""

    -H"Content-Type: application/json" -d'{"conversation":{"members_emails":"bob@so"},"remark":{"text":"Hi Jennifer and Bob"}}'




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    I am the community Manager for Socialcast at our company. We have an employee who is having an issue
    changing his profile settings. No changes have been made within the Admin Settings. Is there something we could do to help resolve the error message?


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  • 04/06/15--06:22: how to get all groups
  • I need to pull all groups. Is there any way to get the same . I tried using GET /api/groups but it doesn't allow more than 500

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  • 04/16/15--18:42: Search of Japanese words
  • I'm a socialcast admin of our company.

    If I search with Japanese words, the result is not correct, even if the words is in the contents.

    Some words show the results but not enough. Some words don't show anything.

    Is there any way to solve it?

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    Are you considering to develop further functionality in Projects and Task. Here are some good suggestions:


    1) being able to "collapse" tasks under each objective.

    In projects we might have several objectives with a large amount of task. Being able to collapse tasks will give a much better overview.


    2) Adding subtask functionality under each task


    3) Being able to group projects in folders/groups or similar. E.e. Sales, Marketing, Business development etc.

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    I am tring to integrate socialcast into out intranet with javascript. When I try to call the rest API through javascript, for example jQuery.get("") I get the following error: "No Acces-Control-Allow-Origin Header is present on the requested resource"


    Anyone knows how to call the api through javacsript?




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  • 05/11/15--08:03: php api socialcast account
  • I'm going to build a new website for my colleagues on the public network. 


    I finished the login pages base on PHP already,  but i dont know how to logon on with the Socialcast Account.


    Maybe someone will suggest me to find the API documents for help.


    For sure i did that, but the documents too simple for me.


    So, anybody here who can help me with this.



    What i want from the Socialcast Account:


    Check whether the person logined belong to my company.



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